Undercover Video Shows Local Market Selling To Minors

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Undercover Video Shows Local Market Selling To Minors

By Chris Conte. CREATED Aug 5, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - You can't hear what's going on inside Chico's Marcado in undercover video shot over the last few months but authorities said what was going on is clear.

The video apparently shows minors buying alcohol on multiple occasions over the course of the last few months.

"You see one young man who's going to go up and show his ID," said DeWayne Holman, Executive Director of the Nashville Prevention Partnership.

In the video, a young man who is under 21 walks in to the store just off Briley Parkway, grabs a bud light and then walks out.

"It's just not OK to look at the ID, you have to make sure who you're selling to is over the age of 21," Holman added.

As executive Director for the Nashville Prevention Partnership, DeWayne Holman finds local college students willing to earn course credit to help with undercover stings.

In this latest operation, minors tried to buy alcohol from Chico's Mercado six times and were sold to on four different occasions.

Store clerk Gaston Torrez-Velazquez, 30, was arrested on Sunday and on Tuesday another clerk, Reina Cana was also cited by authorities.

"We are finding it's more frequent because we're out there looking for it," Holman noted.

For his part the store's owner Mina Satek said this was a honest mistake.

When asked, "Was this being done on purpose?" He responded, "No I don't think so because he already checked the ID, if he was trying to do it on purpose he wouldn't check the ID at all," Satek said.

Regardless though, his worker's inability to check ID's will cost him.

"I've been in this business for five years; we've never been in trouble like that."

Chris Conte

Chris Conte

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