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Swarms of June Bugs Emerge Across Mid-Tenn.

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Swarms of June Bugs Emerge Across Mid-Tenn.

By Chris Conte. CREATED Aug 8, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Arriving two months later than their name suggests, swarms of June bugs began emerging across part of Nashville Friday, and wildlife experts believe there is only one reason why.

Tuesday night's heavy rain came just in time to quench the thirst of crops and lawns across Middle Tennessee, but that wet weather also disturbed some sleeping insects.

"A good rain especially if it’s a soft gentle rain can trigger a large number of adult June bugs to emerge and fly around at the same time," said Steve Powell, an entomologist with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

Hundreds of June bugs came out of their larva state and took flight in the form of green, iridescent beetles.

"Adults will feed some on apples and peaches and figs," Powell added.

At Centennial Park, thousands of the bugs could be seen swarming sections of grass where they had just recently emerged from the ground.

"This is like a sci-fi movie," Ronna Alexander said as she was walking through the park.

Most June bugs live only a few weeks and while they don't bother humans, they can cause considerable damage to crops and turf grass.


Chris Conte

Chris Conte

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