Sumner Teen Center Celebrates Grand Opening

Sumner Teen Center Celebrates Grand Opening

By Laken Bowles. CREATED Aug 9, 2014

GALLATIN, Tenn. – A new place for teenagers to hang out has opened in Sumner County.

The Sumner Teen Center held its grand opening and open house event Saturday night in Gallatin.

The 4,000-square-feet facility was built as a place for students to study, hang out and play games in the evening.

Founders said they wanted to make a safe place for teens to interact with one another and gain social skills without the crutch their smartphones.

“If you don't play a sport or go to church, what do you do? You get on the Internet, and that's okay but we just don't want you to do that all the time. It's not healthy. You got to get with your people, you know? You got to hang out with people,” said founder Shari Campbell.

There are also plans for curriculum at the center, including cooking classes, tutoring and even learning how to change a flat tire. The center was said to be free for high school students.