Rutherford Co. Couple Clean Up Days After Strong Storms

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Rutherford Co. Couple Clean Up Days After Strong Storms

By Jonquil Newland. CREATED Aug 22, 2014

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. – Clean up continued for one couple in Rutherford County, days after strong storms moved through the area.

Thomas Scott loves spending his time in front of the TV, in his favorite chair. As strong storms swept through Wednesday, Scott was in the living room, "watching TV and listening to the wind blow.”

He's not one to get nervous in severe weather.

"I don't let a tornado worry me that much," said Scott.

However, on that night Scott experienced Mother Nature's true power.

"All of a sudden, here come [sic] a big one and I heard everything clapping," he said.

His home began to shake.

"The house picked up, didn't pick it up far, but it picked it up and shook it, then put it back down,” he added.

Soon Scott was looking up at the stormy, night sky.

"The rain started just pouring in."

He called his wife who was at the grocery store.

"I said, ‘the roof is blown off, you better come on home.’ She said, ‘you're kidding me.’ I said, ‘no I'm not kidding you I need you to come on home,’" Scott explained.

Scott keeps a positive attitude as they begin to rebuild what was damaged.

"You know you gotta [sic] keep it, as much as I've been through."

In the light of day, the extent of the damage is revealed -- nearly half of the roof was torn off and thrown in places around the yard. A chunk of it landed in a nearby tree.

Inside, water damage has stained the ceiling and carpet. Crews worked Friday to salvage what they can but the Scotts know it will be awhile before they can move back into their home.

The home may be damaged but everything that matters was kept safe in the storm.

"I'm just glad I wasn't hurt and it didn't do more damage than it did," Scott said.

Jonquil Newland

Jonquil Newland

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Jonquil Newland joined the News Channel 5 team in August 2014 as a general assignment reporter.