Police Release Crash Video To Raise Safety Awareness

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Police Release Crash Video To Raise Safety Awareness

By Nick Beres. CREATED Jul 30, 2014

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Police said there is a potential safety crisis on our roads.

Police report a rash of recent high speed collisions -- all caught on camera. Officials with Murfreesboro Police said they release videos in hopes of hitting a nerve with drivers who may not fully realize the dangers they face each time they get behind the wheel.

The video examples show drivers ignoring red lights and hitting other cars at a high rate of speed in busy intersections.

"We have a master plan to reduce the number of crashes in Murfreesboro," said Kyle Evans with the Murfreesboro Police Dapartment.

It's the usual mantra: Don't speed, don't text and be alert -- especially now.

"This time of year is a busy time for us, the schools are all starting back at about the same time," said Evans.

He knows drivers can't see everything. And some of the wrecks caught on the red light cameras would be almost impossible to avoid.

Evans said it's now more important than ever to drive defensively, especially at busy intersections or you could end up in a nasty wreck.

While there may be a spike in collisions during this busy time of year, the number of serious injury crashes in Murfreesboro has seen a decline.

This is the direct result of two key initiatives put in place by Chief Glenn Chrisman, including the red light cameras system and the special aggressive driving enforcement unit.

Nick Beres

Nick Beres

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