Nashville DJ Turns Country Parodies Into Works Of Charity

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Nashville DJ Turns Country Parodies Into Works Of Charity

By Laken Bowles. CREATED Aug 1, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A popular Nashville DJ has found a way to help charities all over the country.

WSIX-The Big 98's Bobby Bones has turned parodies of Country Music songs into a U.S. tour. Bones spoke with NewsChannel 5’s Amy Watson Friday during a rehearsal in Franklin.

“If you come and have no idea who we are, you'll think it’s terrible,” said Bones. "But people come to have fun we do parody and we bring real artists with us.”

Granted, the electronics department is an odd venue but Bones told his radio audience this week, he and his band, The Raging Idiots, were going to practice some new songs at Walmart, which is a sponsor of the series.

Bones said all of the proceeds will be donated to various charities. 

“My buddy Eddy and I -- he’s a musician -- and I write comedy and we did a charity show for an orphanage,’ he said. “We did one, two and that turned into twenty, [and] made over $350,000 for animal charities.”

It was just for fun at first, but starting in September, it will be a tour for audiences all over the country.