Murfreesboro Madam Talks About What Drove Her To Do It


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Murfreesboro Madam Talks About What Drove Her To Do It

By Nick Beres. CREATED Jul 21, 2014

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – She was the "Murfreesboro Madam" boasting a black book full of high-profile clients. A married mother of three who ran an escort service out of her family's quiet neighborhood home.

Her prostitution bust made headlines and went national. Then she disappeared, but now years later we found her.

Lisa Burris said she regrets doing it, but the so-called madam has changed her life.

"So, how are you doing now," asked Newschannel 5's Nick Beres.

"I'm doing incredibly well now," answered Burris, which says a lot considering where Burris came from.

Even now she can't escape her past. Eight years ago Burris was stuck in a bad marriage and desperate for money to pay for a divorce.

"I don't identify with it, but it's a part of my past. It's something I have to live with. I guess it's the scarlet letter," said Burris.

She told friends she took a job at a greeting card company. The truth was nothing so wholesome.

"It's what I did. It's not who I am," said Burris.

She lived a double life as a housewife and prostitute.

Her case made headlines when deputies arrested her for running an escort service out of her home in the exclusive Northwoods subdivision in Rutherford county. Burris became known as the Murfreesboro Madam.

"Everybody has their stuff. Everybody has secrets," said Burris.

Her secrets went public – from details of her $200-an-hour services, to her list of nervous clients which never did go public. She more or less vanished in the years after her arrest.

"I know them, but I'll never talk about them," said Burris.

We tracked her down and she agreed to an exclusive interview to explain her actions and maybe to help others.

"I know there are women out there in bad situations," said Burris.

Women who are feeling trapped and desperate.

Such feelings drove Burris in a way she didn't fully comprehend until in recent years she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

"Now I understand why I was in that desperate driven place willing to do what I did," said Burris.

She knows some people will say that's no excuse - and that's okay.

"I haven't lost any friends. I didn't lose any family," said Burris.

She has moved on from a chapter of her life she won't forget, but won't let define her.

"I've never felt more hopeful or happy. It's not perfect, but I'm very happy," said Burris.

She still lives in Tennessee with a full-time job and said she has a good relationship with her children.

Burris is now considering writing a book about her experiences.

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