Mobile Meth Lab Found Inside Car At Lebanon Walmart

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Mobile Meth Lab Found Inside Car At Lebanon Walmart

By Laken Bowles. CREATED Aug 9, 2014

LEBANON, Tenn. – A mobile meth lab was found inside a parked car at a major retailer in Wilson County.

The incident was reported Saturday evening at a Walmart located on South Cumberland Street in Lebanon.

Authorities were called to the store around 12:40 p.m. after a possible shoplifting was reported by Walmart Loss Prevention.

After they arrived on the scene, Lebanon Police said a man and woman were confronted in the parking lot of the store. The man was briefly detained but was released once officers determined he didn’t have any stolen merchandise in his possession.

Store officials told police the couple had allegedly stolen items used in the manufacture meth. Officers later located a second vehicle owned by the couple in the parking lot.

During a search of the car, products used to make meth were found inside.

According to investigators, several computers and electronics were also found inside the car. They were working to determine if those items were possibly stolen from the store.

Information on possible suspects was not immediately released.

Police said arrests are pending in the case.