Sidewalk Building Season In Full Swing

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Sidewalk Building Season In Full Swing

By Jennifer Reyes. CREATED Aug 25, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -  Nashville is growing and with more people comes the needs for more sidewalks.

The Director of Engineering for Metro Public Works, Mark Macy, said the city received federal funding which will help cover the cost of most projects.

"We're in the middle of probably our busiest time ever building sidewalks," Macy said. "This year I believe they allocated somewhere around 15 to 20 million dollars for sidewalks".

One of the city's biggest projects so far is on Harding Place. The area is highly populated with bus stops, apartment and condominium complexes, retail centers, churches, restaurants, a hospital and an elementary school. 

The area will greatly benefit from pedestrian enhancements.

Terrence Claybrooks lives in the area and has to walk on small dirt road to make it to most places

"I have no option because it's just the way to get back and forth where I need to go, like to Wal-Mart," said Claybrooks.

The Harding Place project includes a sidewalk on the south side of the street, curb and gutter improvements, pedestrian crosswalks, pedestrian signals and a pedestrian bridge over Seven Mile Creek.

The multi-million dollar project is slated to be completed by fall of 2017.

Macy says the city is aware of the other areas where sidewalks are needed, but priority is given to areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.


Jennifer Reyes

Jennifer Reyes

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