Man’s Car Allegedly Stolen By Tow Truck Driver

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Man’s Car Allegedly Stolen By Tow Truck Driver

By Mark Bellinger. CREATED Aug 29, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A tow truck driver has been accused of stealing a man’s car after it broke down on the side of Interstate 65.

Jim Taylor's car broke down on I-65 near Trinity Lane on August 2. He called his insurance’s roadside assistance, which then dispatched out a towing company.

“I just left the key with it and the tow truck driver called me and asked me where to pick it up. I told to leave the key in the drop box,” said Taylor.

Taylor said he told the tow truck driver to drop off the car at Snyder Automotive, but the guys at the repair shop said they never got the car.

He reported the car stolen, and then a funny thing happened as he was driving to Mt. Juliet on I-40 to go test drive another car: Taylor spotted his stolen car and followed it.

He later went back several times but was unable to find the 2006-model Volvo. So, he got the tow truck driver's name and went online.

“I mean, you just don't expect when you call a wrecker to get your broken down vehicle that they're going to be the suspects who stole your vehicle,” said Taylor.

John Wayne Waldron, Jr., age 30, has since been charged with theft. Police said Waldron tried to hide the fact that the car was stolen, by scrapping off the VIN number.

When Taylor got the vehicle back, it was damaged enough for the insurance company to declare the car totaled.

Police said Waldron could face more charges for removing the VIN number from Taylor's car.

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