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Local Vets Seeing More Cases Of Snake Bite

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Local Vets Seeing More Cases Of Snake Bite

By Laken Bowles. CREATED Aug 29, 2014

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. - The hot weather has sent more pets to the vet this summer, not for heat exhaustion but snake bites.

Local vets said they typically see more dogs with snake bites this time of year because snakes are more active.

Doctors at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Brentwood said they've already seen as many as five cases recently. They said it's important for pet owners to know the signs of a snake bite and to act quickly, especially if the snake is venomous.

"So most snake bites are actually in dogs to the face, just because they're down and sniffing' around and so they'll actually find the snake by surprise and get bitten,” said Dr. Carly Waugh. “But some dogs are actually bitten on their paw, and we can see some pretty severe swelling that requires, in extreme circumstances, even surgical attention."

Not all dogs react the same way to snake bites, but owners should look for bruising, pain and swelling. In severe cases, dogs can have nausea and even collapse.

The most dangerous snakes this time of year include copperheads, rattlesnakes, and water moccasins.