Good Samaritan Pays For Dog's Cremation Costs

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Good Samaritan Pays For Dog's Cremation Costs

By Chris Conte. CREATED Aug 10, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 10, 2014

MADISON, Tenn. - A Madison family dealing with the devastating loss of their beloved dog is searching for a Good Samaritan who they said helped them tremendously during their time of need.

"She was an amazing little dog," explained Susan Hodge

Dusty was a 14-year-old, four and a half pound Chihuahua. Susan's mom Lola Olmstead was in the bedroom of her Madison apartment trying to step down from her bed on Friday evening. The 65-year-old lost her balance and somehow landed on her dog. 

"Dusty broke the fall of my mom and broke her (the dog's) back," Susan said while holding back tears.

Like any dog owner would, Lola got in her car and rushed the injured pup to the vet, but there was nothing they could do. 

"And they said 'there's always the option of cremation' and my mom said 'well how much is that?' and they said '$160' and she said 'I don't have it, I don't have it,"' explained Susan.

Susan said he mother could not afford it because her mom is on a fixed income. 

Susan's mom was sitting outside of the Madison Veterinary Clinic on the front steps in tears when a man she'd never met came up to her and helped fix her broken heart, with one receipt.

"This man just came up to me and paid for Dusty's cremation and said 'sorry for your loss."

Still too upset to talk, Lola asked her daughter to share the story. 

"We're so thankful, we're so thankful for what that guy did... he has no idea," Susan said about the Good Samaritan. 

"I don't know if he was rich, I don't know if he was poor -- doesn't matter," she added.

A simple act of kindness that to them was priceless.

"There are still good people out there," Susan said.

Chris Conte

Chris Conte

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