Firefighters Train To Respond To ‘Organized Chaos’ Situations

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Firefighters Train To Respond To ‘Organized Chaos’ Situations

CREATED Aug 14, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In wake of a massive tanker crash in West Nashville, the real-life emergency was a first for many longtime Nashville Firefighters.

The massive explosion was something first responders normally only deal with during training.

Charles Shannon with Metro's Office of Emergency Management said he'd never seen anything like Wednesday’s explosion. 

"To see a tanker of that size with that much flame, that much smoke and that much heat and yet no one lost their life is just incredible,” said Shannon.

Crews are obviously accustomed to dealing with tanker truck crashes and even fires but this crash was unique. Shannon said the truck crashed in way that allowed gallons of fuel to perfectly escape into the sewer system.

So once the truck caught fire, it only took one spark to ignite a large part of the Nations neighborhood.

Sky5 flew over the scene where the pressure was so intense in many areas, it blew manhole covers off and allowed fire to erupt all over the place.

Shannon called the situation an "organized chaos" they've only heard about or seen on TV, but he said they handled it beautifully, thanks to the way they manage responders.

"It's organized chaos,” he said. “You're going to have the chaos part, but we train constantly in order to be able to manage that chaos, and that's the way we managed it is through that ICS system."

He said the crisis went so smoothly because of everyone, including fire fighters, police officers, public works and even Metro Schools all working together.

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