Dueling Israel, Palestine Rallies Call For Peace

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Dueling Israel, Palestine Rallies Call For Peace

By Todd Walker. CREATED Aug 6, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Dueling rallies supporting Israel and Palestine, faced off on Legislative Plaza, Wednesday evening.

The original rally was organized by the group, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.

Organization President Laurie Cardoza-Moore said it was meant to garner support for Israel, which she said Christians have an obligation to do.

Cardoza-Moore said her group is opposed to a cease-fire and wants Israel to fully defeat Hamas militants.

"It may stop for a few weeks, a few months, a couple of years," she said. "But we will be back fighting this war again with the terrorists. They hate Israel more than they love their own people. Their own children. That’s scary. How do you fight with an enemy like that?"

Several hundred Israel supporters showed up, but so did a counter rally calling for a free Palestine.

Amani Aljammal is originally from the West Bank area of Gaza and has friends and family still in the region.

"Imagine yourself in this situation," she said. "Watching the news we got so sick we’re about to have a heart attack. It’s not about Hamas. It’s about Palestinian land, Palestinian people. [The Israel supporters are] concerned about Hamas only."

The noise from both sides, using loud speakers and bullhorns, tended to drown out the other. Neither side likely changed any minds.

Both rallies did agree that people need to contact their representatives urging support for a resolution to the conflict.

Todd Walker

Todd Walker

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