Doctors Seeing More Uninsured Patients

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Doctors Seeing More Uninsured Patients

By Chris Conte. CREATED Aug 6, 2014

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Doctors at some Mid-South area faith based clinics said they are seeing a massive influx of patients without insurance and believe the Affordable Care Act is to blame.

"I think what’s happened is all of the publicity, all the conversation all the people who wanted to able to acquire health insurance have bubbles to the top. People who haven’t seen a doctor 10 or 15 years all of a sudden feel like they had an opportunity to get health insurance and come to the clinic," explained David Winningham, CEO of Mercy Community Healthcare Clinic in Franklin.

Since the Affordable Care Act was implemented, Winningham said they've seen more patients coming to be treated but without insurance; the exact opposite of what the ACA was meant to do.

"My prediction is a lot of people will disenrole from health insurance when they find out ‘why am I paying 'x' number of dollars to be covered?’ and I still they have to pay out of pocket," he added.

Winningham though said insurance or not, he's glad more people are coming in for care.

"The answer to this whole health care issue long term is everybody needs a primary care provider," he said. 




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