David Chase Seeks Protection Order Against Ex-Girlfriend

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David Chase Seeks Protection Order Against Ex-Girlfriend

CREATED Aug 6, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 6, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – No decision was made Wednesday after prominent developer David Chase asked for an order of protection to be filed against a former girlfriend, whom he’s accused of assaulting.

Chase has been accused of attacking his girlfriend, getting arrested and then attacking the woman again after being let out of jail before his 12-hour "cooling off period" was over.

The 37-year-old contractor initially filed the order of protection in July after claiming the 24-year-old woman "harassed, stalked [and] assaulted him," [and made] "false statements to police."

Chase sat on the opposite side of the courtroom from his alleged victim, while his attorneys tried to paint her as a stalker who trespassed into his apartment, had him falsely imprisoned and even were with people who threatened to kill him.

Attorneys for the defense spent much of the hearing letting the Judge hear from forensics expert James KempVanEe who examined Chase's phone. He said the victim called and texted Chase numerous times.

Around 189 texts were recovered from the phone, including one from the victim to Chase saying, "David I'm sorry, you broke up with me, I've been heart broken. I'm trying to get over

Some of the text messages revealed the couple was apparently in the middle of breaking-up after Chase found her contacting other men on the social media dating app Tinder.

One of the texts read, “David I thought I had deleted my account yesterday. I deleted the stupid app I hate Tinder, I was on there for exactly the same reasons you were to solely judge people on appearances.”

The defense alleged Chase was also being stalked and even received threats from the woman. Meanwhile, the state showed messages showing Chase either being mean or sexually explicit.

The woman also accused him of cheating, as well.

The defense also claimed the woman attempted to break into Chase's phone so many times, it cause his iPhone to lock-out for one hour.

"To create that screenshot someone would have had to incorrectly enter the password a minimum of 16 times,” said KempVanee.

Even after showing video of the alleged victim going in and out of his apartment, Chase's attorneys insisted he is not the abuser in the scenario.

"We stand by the statement I have made from the very beginning this man is not guilty of these charges. We're going to vigorously contest them and we'll continue to introduce the evidence that we need to establish his innocence,” said attorney Richard McGee.

The order of protection hearing will continue on August 18.

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