Confrontation Breaks Out Between Warren Co. Commissioners

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Confrontation Breaks Out Between Warren Co. Commissioners

CREATED Aug 22, 2014

MCMINNVILLE, Tenn. - A confrontation between two elected commissioners in Warren County has gotten a lot of attention on social media.

Commissioner elect, Michael Wilcher, claimed he was threatened by another commissioner prior to Monday night’s county commission meeting.

The confrontation between Wilcher and Ron Lee was captured on video and has gotten quite a bit of attention.

During the incident, Lee was allegedly heard making the statement, “If you ever send a piece of mail to my property again, at my house, I’ll whip your a**.”

“I was embarrassed, stunned,” said Wilcher. “My wife is here and there's a grown man who has the nerve in a public building to do that.”

Lee was apparently upset over a letter Wilcher sent to commissioners, which urged them not to reappoint a judicial commissioner.

“I just asked the question, ‘is that a threat’ and I asked Mister Lee directly,” said Amy. “He didn't look at me, but he addressed me and he said, ‘no that's a promise.’”

Now, Wilcher has demanded a public apology in light of the incident.

Many people within the county see the commissioner elect as a rebel-rouser after defeating a 24 year incumbent. Wilcher said he's been in trouble among county leaders since the election took place.

Wilcher said he believes his opposition to a water heater tax covered by NewsChannel 5 resulted in his victory. Now, he's concerned complaining about how things are done has put him in the Warren County political doghouse.

NewsChannel 5 attempted to contact Commissioner Lee to get his side of the incident, but was unable to reach him by phone.