Cautionary Tale On Procedure To Spice Up Sex Life

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Cautionary Tale On Procedure To Spice Up Sex Life

By Nick Beres. CREATED Jul 29, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 30, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - All he wanted was to improve his love life with his wife, but he never imagined what it would cost him.

A husband has shared an embarrassing secret that's changed him forever: a cautionary tale for others looking to spice up their sex life.

It all started with a syringe. The question of course, why on earth would a healthy adult male allow an injection directly into his groin?

"Just trying to add a little more spice, we've been together for a while, just trying to add a little more spice to our relationship," said the married father of one, who asked not to be identified. We called him John.

John said he was just looking for a boost to his intimacy performance, but had no idea the procedure would essentially destroyed his sex life.

"It's a life changing experience for me and my wife," said John.

"It's a devastating injury. A lifelong injury," said malpractice lawyer Clint Kelly.

His client was looking for help in the bedroom. And John, like a growing number of men, responded to a commercial.

"There are ads that go after some men who have some sexual insecurity," said Kelly.

Clinics offer treatments administered by physicians. John was steered toward the injection, a mix of drugs that can cost thousands of dollars.

"They're meant for people with significant erectile dysfunction," said Urologist Doug Milam.

John didn't have that problem. He just wanted to boost his performance.

Dr. Milam, who teaches at Vanderbilt University, said the injections can cause problems in patients like John who don't really need them.

But that doesn't seem to deter men. Dr. Milam said he's seen a disturbing spike in patients with a specific and very painful condition. They come to him for help if things go wrong at the clinics.

"We started seeing individuals show up in our emergency rooms with priapism or prolonged erections," said Dr. Milam.

"It's a pain I wouldn't wish on any other man," said John.

He sued the clinic after he suffered for more than 24 hours. The lawsuit stated that doctors were forced to use a "surgical procedure to reverse" the condition where "the blood is able to drain away" from his genitals.

But the damage was done. Now, "the plaintiff is impotent for the rest of his life."

John would give anything to be normal again and has these words of warning for anyone looking to enhance their sex life with shots: "If they think about getting it done, stop and realize what you could lose."

The treatments at these clinics can work, but the results often depend on the patient. Dr. Milam said it's crucial that men educate themselves first about the potential risks of any procedure before going forward. 

Nick Beres

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