Bullets And Lightning Damage Church Dome

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Bullets And Lightning Damage Church Dome

By Nick Beres. CREATED Jul 31, 2014

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Lightning bolts and bullets have threatened to destroy one of the mid-state's most recognized churches, but now there's an effort to save the golden dome.

Someone is shooting up the golden dome above Central Christian Church in Murfreesboro and you won't believe who.

"There were church members. The idea was to get the pigeons that were roosting, but not every shot hit the pigeons," said Pastor Steven Odom.

So there are the bullet holes and it turns out, much more. This historic church was built in 1911. It has survived lightning strikes, fires, tornadoes and hail storms.

Now Pastor Odom said the dome must go or be replaced.

"Lots of folks in the neighborhood are glad we aren't taking down the dome, but we'll fix it and replace it," said Odom.

The dome is a key landmark along this historic stretch of East Main Street. But it can be confusing.

People will say: "I didn't know that was a church. I thought it was a synagogue. Or during the mosque controversy they thought it was a mosque because of the dome," said Odom.

This church was built for $3,000 a century ago. Today it will cost $100,000 just to renovate the dome. A fundraising effort is now underway.

Pastor Odom is confident they'll reach their goal.

"I like the dome. Pretty much everybody likes the dome. What's not to like," said Odom.

After all, it’s covered in gold -- just not real gold.

"This is automobile paint. Metallic automobile paint," said Odom.

Of course, the pastor said they'd love to use real gold leaf on the dome, but that would take a donor with extra deep pockets. As things stand now, the church is more than halfway toward their fundraising goal simply to rebuild and paint the dome gold.

To help boost the fundraising efforts, the church will hold a rummage sale next Saturday, August 9 with all proceeds to go to the dome restoration project.

Nick Beres

Nick Beres

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