Benefit Party Held In Crossville For Burgess Family

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Benefit Party Held In Crossville For Burgess Family

By Jennifer Reyes. CREATED Jul 26, 2014

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. - A benefit party for the family of missing 37-year-old Nikki Burgess took place Saturday in Crossville.

Friends and family gathered at The Blind Zebra Sports Bar on Highway 70 East to show their support for Nikki Burgess and her family.

"We asked for a $5 minimum at the door but people are giving $20 [and] $30," said her longtime friend, Holly Cross, who helped organize the event.

The majority of the people who attended the event either knew or was friends with the mother of two, who disappeared back in May.

"The bands are all her friends and stuff like that, all the bands have donated their time," said friend Stevie Blaine, who brought some of Nikki's most popular pictures, as well as some of her arts and crafts to be auctioned off.

Their ultimate goal is to raise enough money to send both of her kids to college.

“We're hoping today to raise around, I think we're hoping for about $6,000 today," added Blaine.

Raising money and helping out is something Nikki Burgess would've done for anyone in the room, especially Holly Cross, who was friends with Burgess for over two decades.

"Our kids were pretty much raised together, my mom was her babysitter and our kids just grew up together," she said.

Cross was one of many waiters who donated their tips for the event.

"Everybody’s kind of come together and just, you know, shown love to each other and we've kind of just bonded kind of put all that aside for the moment and try to do something for her," she added.

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