Holly Bobo Murder Suspect Jason Autry Denies Charges, Claims He Has Alibi

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Holly Bobo Murder Suspect Jason Autry Denies Charges, Claims He Has Alibi

CREATED May 20, 2014
by Nick Beres

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Jason Autry is one of the two men at the center of one of the mid-state's most high profile criminal cases. He and Zach Adams have been charged with kidnapping and murdering Holly Bobo. In an exclusive interview, Autry spoke with Nick Beres about the case against him.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested Autry three years after Bobo disappeared from her Decatur County home.

We asked him if he killed her.

"No sir. Right hand before God. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I didn't bother that girl in no form or no fashion and I don't know who did," said Autry from his cell at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison.

Autry said he never personally knew Bobo, though he did know of her.

"I didn't now nothing about her other than her dad and my dad and some of our kin knew each other. I went to school with her mother as my school teacher growing up," said Autry.

But, he said he doesn't even know the location of Bobo's home where she was abducted.

"I never went to the house. I never hung out with her on the town. I never, none of that," said Autry.

Autry said he does know his co-defendant Adams as a friend.

But he denied rumors that Autry, Adams and another friend, Shayne Austin, formed a gang known as the A-Train that terrorized the locals in Decatur County for years.

"Some people portray us as big dope dealers and gang members and that's not the case. This is a community that's real small. It was just a few dopeheaded boys just hanging out," said Autry. "Our relationship is what you might call drug-based. The only time we hung out was when we was getting high."

Autry denies that he was involved in some type of drug-induced, crazy plot to kidnap and kill Bobo.

"It never dawned on me that someday I was going to be falsely accused of this," said Autry.

"Jason Autry has been in trouble with the law before," said his attorney Fletcher Long. 

But he said there is nothing to link Autry to Bobo's disappearance, much less murder. The TBI has looked, but has yet to find a body.

"You can prosecute without a body, but you better have some pretty convincing circumstantial evidence on death and I don't think they have that here," said Long.

Even if the TBI does have some physical evidence -- perhaps bone fragments or clothing -- it may not matter for Autry.

 Long dropped this bombshell: "We may have a strong alibi defense."

Long has indicated that Autry will be able to prove he was far away -- in another county -- when the TBI issued the alert for Holly Bobo.

The TBI has declined to comment on what Autry has said about the investigation.

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