New Details That Led To Arrest In Holly Bobo Case

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New Details That Led To Arrest In Holly Bobo Case

CREATED Apr 24, 2014
by Nick Beres

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. - New details uncovered by NewsChannel 5 shed light on what may have led to the arrest of Zach Adams for the murder of Holly Bobo.

Bobo disappeared three years ago, and earlier this year the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation charged Adams with the crime.  The key to the case could be his brother Dylan Adams.

"The brother is now a witness and a key witness in this prosecution," said NewsChannel 5 legal analyst Nick Leonardo.

The brothers lived with their grandfather, Dick Adams, in separate homes on a piece of property near Decaturville. The TBI searched the property in February, not long before Zach Adams was arrested. So what led authorities to Adams and the property?

In an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 5, the grandfather dropped a bombshell: His grandson Dylan told the TBI he saw Holly Bobo inside his brother Zach's house after she disappeared.

"I believe that Mr. Adams' brother stated that Holly Bobo was seen in the house alive," said Leonardo. 

If the grandfather is telling the truth, Leonardo said that tip would have helped the TBI obtain the warrant to search his property.

It might also explain why Zach Adams later lashed out at his brother -- who is also jailed on separate federal gun charges.

"This is but one piece of the puzzle we are getting but it's all coming together very quickly," said Leonardo.

Not long after the TBI arrested Zach for Bobo's murder they said he threatened his brother sending a message through another inmate: "He's the one who started this s*** and if he don't shut his mouth he will be in the hole beside her."

The "her" may be Holly Bobo.

And NewsChannel 5 has learned the "hole" could refer to one of the water wells on Adams' property. The grandfather confirmed there are two: One is 15 feet down to a shallow spring. The other is much deeper. Both capable of hiding a body.

"Absolutely, especially a well that goes down 80 feet. That's especially a place of interest," said Leonardo.

In fact, the grandfather confirmed the TBI used backhoes to dig up and search both wells. There was no indication they found a body. But several sources close to the investigation said they recovered some type of physical evidence -- possibly bone fragments.  If that's true the question is: Did the fragments come from Holly Bobo?

"Obviously they are waiting to see if there's a forensic match with Holly's DNA that comes back from the lab," said Leonardo.

The TBI calls the Bobo investigation open and ongoing and they can't reveal any specifics about the case.  And many details -- like those in the search warrant -- remain sealed for now. 

Leonardo said one reason to keep such documents sealed is not to tip off other suspects.  He believes there is a very good chance there will be other arrests in the case.