Brad Paisley gets into 'battle' with record label over leaked audio

Brad Paisley gets into 'battle' with record label over leaked audio

By Kellie Michaels. CREATED Jul 28, 2014

Brad Paisley went rogue over the weekend and took to his Twitter page to leak a short YouTube video of two-second audio clips of each song from his forthcoming "Moonshine in the Trunk" album. 

In his first tweet announcing the video, Brad wrote, “The label doesn’t know I'm doing this. Seriously. But I made a Moonshine Preview teaser. Don’t tell. Better listen to this while you can. I bet the label tries to pull it down. Clock’s ticking.” He also tweeted an audio clip of the whole first chorus of a new song called "Crushin' It."
As part of what may or may not be a manufactured "war" designed to boost interest in the album, Brad's label, Sony Music Nashville, responded to him with an e-mail saying they were shutting him down. Brad posted that message to Twitter adding, “Hurry up and Listen. I’m going to dentention. Breakfast club!!! Here I come.”
The video was then made private, but that wasn't enough for Brad to stop. Minutes later, he came back with another video link, and the message, "Okay suits. Catch me if you can. Take 2: enjoy." 
After taking a break for his duties as a judge on ABC's live show, "Nashville Star," Brad resumed the back and forth on Twitter into Sunday night, even posting and e-mail and texts allegedly from his manager before he eventually "won" the battle. He promised he would not post the video clips himself.  That's when fellow "Rising Star" coach Ludacris stepped in and posted the clip on Twitter for him.
Fans can still check out the YouTube "Moonshine in the Trunk" album teaser below. The album is set to hit stores on August 26.
Read some of the Twitter thread below, Mobile users Click here to view the teaser video.  
Kellie Michaels

Kellie Michaels

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