A team effort brought Packers back to the playoffs


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A team effort brought Packers back to the playoffs

By Larry McCarren. CREATED Dec 31, 2013

Getting Aaron Rodgers back, it made all the difference in the world against the Bears, but lest we forget, let's take a look back at what all the rest of the guys had to get done, just to get it to the point, where he could get it done.

Let's start with the second Vikings game, The Packers trailed 23-7 early in the fourth quarter before coming back to tie it, and that tie loomed large in the final division standings.

The Falcons game, Green Bay, down 21-to-10, was boo'd off the field at halftime before coming back to win it, 22 to 21.

And then there was the trip to Dallas, where the Packers trailed 26 to 3 at the half, then rallied for another one-point victory, 37 to 36.

Gotta give Matt Flynn and the Packers around him all the credit in the world for overcoming those seemingly impossible obstacles, and now with Rodgers back, anything is possible.

To tell you the truth, I feel a lot better about this season's re-match with the Niners than I did in last year's playoff game.