Packers Stay in Playoffs Hunt with Big Comeback Win


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Packers Stay in Playoffs Hunt with Big Comeback Win

By Larry McCarren. CREATED Dec 16, 2013

Have to be honest, I never dreamed the Packers were going to come back from that 23 point halftime deficit against the Cowboys.

There was really no reason to because neither the offense nor the defense did anything to be encouraged about over the first 30 minutes.

The last 30, a totally different story thanks to a lot of good old-fashioned want to.

How bout Jordy Nelson's TD catch and the one handed stab that he made despite being interfered with.

How bout James Starks touchdown catch. Nobody was going to stop him from scoring.

What about Matt Flynn, he had the nerve of a cat burglar, as he stuck the ball into tight window after tight window.

Defensively, if Sam Shields and Tramon Williams don't make critical plays at critical times, we're singing a whole different tune today.

In the second half, the Packers played like their season was on the line, and it was.

Long time ago we talked about staying in the hunt until Aaron Rodgers returns, and the Packers have.