One game stands out in Packers-Bears rivalry


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One game stands out in Packers-Bears rivalry

By Larry McCarren. CREATED Nov 1, 2013

Monday Night's game between the Packers and Bears, number 187 in the NFL's oldest rivalry. Yours truly played in a dozen seasons worth of them, and one game stands out above all others.

It was the season opener in 1980, which came after a forgettable preseason that included hernia surgery for myself after the second game.

Lost 10 or 15 pounds because I couldn't lift weights but I did jog around the pool at the Midway Motor Lodge across the street and by the week leading up to the opener, I was sneaking into a handful of plays at practice.

One coach told me to get out, but by the end of the week, the night before the game as a matter of fact, Bart Starr told the team I would start the game because I had a streak going, but they'd get me out after a couple of plays.

Well, the next day I did start the game as promised, but after a couple of plays, I didn't see anyone coming in for me, and that was still the case after four quarters, and we weren't through. We went to overtime tied at six and between the hernia and three and a half weeks of doing next to nothing, I'm hurtin' for certain.

Finally, we line up for a field goal try, thanks to me it gets blocked, but Chester Marcol picked it up and ran it in for the game-winning touchdown.

I was very happy we won, but I was even happier that the damn game was over, and that's the truth.