Not in a Rush to see Aaron Rodgers Back in the Game

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Not in a Rush to see Aaron Rodgers Back in the Game

By Larry McCarren. CREATED Nov 27, 2013

Twas a very welcome sight at the Packers practice Tuesday. Aaron Rodgers with the red 12 jersey on, wearing a helmet, and actually participating in individual drills.

Did some throwing and there was a snap to his passes, a snap that's rare but one that we've grown accustomed to seeing.

Whatever Aaron did, he did without any apparent problem but Mike McCarthy still said the chances of him playing against the lions were closer to none than slim.

Couldn't agree more. Rodgers is so important to this franchise and regardless of circumstances, huge game or not, he shouldn't play until he's absolutely, positively 100% healed. It's only been just over three weeks since he broke his collarbone, and didn't the experts say it's a four to six week recovery.

The long break after the Thursday game would seem like an ideal time to really look at the possibility of a return.

And if he's not 100%, then, he doesn't play again.

As we've seen over the past month, Rodgers is too valuable to risk over a single game, or a single season for that matter.