Tretter happy with game against Rams, getting used to being Packers' center

Members of the Green Bay Packers offensive line join teammates in OTA's. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Tretter happy with game against Rams, getting used to being Packers' center

By Matt Trebby. CREATED Aug 16, 2014

At center on the Packers' offensive line, J.C. Tretter is the clear leader.

Aaron Rodgers said it's at the point where he doesn't have to even think about Tretter. He knows the center is going to get the job done. Even Larry McCarren noted that Tretter had stood out so far in training camp ahead of Saturday's game in St. Louis.

On Saturday, Tretter started and was happy with his, and the team's, performance.

"I thought it went well," Tretter told McCarren after the Packers' win over the Rams. "Obviously we'll see the film and correct things that need to be corrected, and build off some things that went well, but as a unit I think we accomplished what we wanted to accomplish."

Tretter wasn't a center when he left Cornell, but is making a good adjustment to the position. He said it's becoming natural playing center.

"I think it's coming along really well," Tretter said. "I still think there's room to grow in it, but I feel comfortable right now. I know I'm not where I will be. As we get more practice and more games in there, I think there will still be room to go well, but it's coming along pretty well."

The Packers' offense is one of the best in football with many weapons for Rodgers to utilize, as evidence of the team's first drive against the Rams on Saturday. Tretter is aware he is just a part of the unit, and how good they can be.

"We got a great group of guys: Eddie, Aaron, great offensive line, great receivers. Our offense is extremely talented," Tretter said. "So obviously they can't zone in on one thing. We can do both just as well as the other. It's a great thing to have going for you."