Tracking the Pack - The wildcard edition

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Tracking the Pack - The wildcard edition

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jan 2, 2013

The Packers have somehow made the 2013 playoffs, and they face an old nemesis in the San Francisco 49ers at what could be a sub-zero Lambeau Field on Sunday.

With that, there's lots for TODAY'S TMJ4's Lance Allan and 620WTMJ/NBC26's Larry McCarren to discuss in the latest version of "Tracking the Pack."

Lance and the Packers Radio Network's longtime analyst discuss:
- The resilience of the Packers in winning so many close games in comeback fashion
- Revenge, redemption as a motivator for Sunday against the 49ers
- How will both teams, one of them who lives in cold during the season, handle the cold - and how much of a factor will it really be?
- How do the Packers contain both aspects of Colin Kaepernick's game?
- Will the chippy play against San Francisco in week 1 carry over to the wildcard game, and how will the Packers deal with the possibility of it?
- How will Green Bay handle the 49ers' powerful pass rush?

That's all in this week's Tracking the Pack.