Tracking the Pack - The Cowboys edition

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Tracking the Pack - The Cowboys edition

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Dec 11, 2013

The possible return of Aaron Rodgers (??) and more bring up lots for TODAY'S TMJ4's Lance Allan and 620WTMJ/NBC26's Larry McCarren in the latest version of "Tracking the Pack."

Lance and the Packers Radio Network's longtime analyst discuss:
- How much closer is Aaron Rodgers to being able to play in a game?
- How much can the Packers' offense gash a Dallas defense that was destroyed by Chicago?
- Can the Packers' defense handle the one-two punch of Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray?
- Why is Andrew Quarless on the rise?
- How big is Mason Crosby's recent rash of excellence to this team?

That's all in this week's Tracking the Pack.