Study claims Bears fan base is stronger than Packers

Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson. Image by YouTube | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Study claims Bears fan base is stronger than Packers

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 20, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 20, 2013

It seems as if a sports marketing study our of Emory University has got it all wrong. 

They claim not only that the Green Bay Packers have only the 14th best fan base in the NFL, but the Chicago Bears are seven spots ahead of them.


The fan base with the longest season ticket waiting list in any professional sport, outranked by the Chicago Bears?  Even the Tennessee Titans?

We asked Packers fans to defend their honor after this news came out Tuesday.

Sorry to our friends at NBC Chicago who posted this, we're not sorry.  The study is dead wrong.

I think the study has a few faulty parameters, as it goes with a model where teams which make more money throughout a year than what they'd be predicted to has a stronger fan base.

"We look at team box office revenues relative to team on-field success, market population, stadium capacity, median income and other factors," the study says.

"This is not a staightforward question."

You've got that right.  The Packers should be able to bridge many of those gaps, easily.

"A ranking based on attendance would be skewed toward teams that play in more populated metropolitan areas," according to the study.

What this study's results fail to show is that the Packers play in the smallest metropolitan area in any of the four major American sports, and their attendance is MUCH better than the Chicago Bears.

(They made a grave mistake in shrinking Soldier Field to such a small capacity.  You'd think they could sell out a Lambeau-sized stadium if the Bears' fan base was that loyal.  The Packers fan base could sell Soldier Field out six times over if you include their season ticket waiting list.)

This should factor in much more for the Packers.

"A ranking based on profitability or revenues would be biased in favor of teams that are currently enjoying more on-field success," claims the study.

As the same group admitted in a different fan study, "the true test of fan loyalty is what happens when a team slumps."

For proof of Packers Planet's superiority, Packers fans sold out Lambeau Field during ALL of the 27 seasons when the Packers only once won a division title (1968-91).

Name one team in any professional sport where a fan base has sold out a stadium for a team that failed to win a division championship for that long.

You can't.

The Bears' fan base isn't as planetary, either.

Oh, and name another fan base which would essentially make a $67 million donation to help the Packers build thousands more seats by buying stock in the team.

The Bears can't do that.  Nor would any other fan base.

Game over.   As they have the last six times on the field including the 2010 NFC Championship Game, Packers win.