Strip of Brad Jones' football earns woman autograph

Larry McCarren, Becky, Brad Jones. Image by Green Bay Packers/TODAY'S TMJ4

Strip of Brad Jones' football earns woman autograph

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Sep 30, 2013

A woman who attended "Packers Live" at Lambeau Field on Monday proved to be a quick study, as she earned the autograph of a Packers linebacker who taught her the skill of stripping a running back of his football.

Linebacker Brad Jones helped Becky learn something he tries to do every play in a Packers game, strip the football.

Larry McCarren asked Becky if she was intimidated by the sight of the Packers' starting inside linebacker.

"'re like this.  We're buddies," she said as she and Jones half-hugged.

"We're going to learn how to strip the ball," said Jones.

"The a tackler, you want to come up bheind them, secure the tackle with (one) hand, and just rip the ball out."

Brad demonstrated the skill, then took the football and challenged Becky.

"You are going to try to strip it from me."

Well, she did.  See her form in our media gallery above.