Packers fans ranked top 5 for social media

Packers fans ranked top 5 for social media

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Aug 28, 2013

You, the Green Bay Packers fan, are showing you're not only one of the most devoted fans bases in sports.

You're also devoted to sharing your Packers devotion through social media.

Emory University came out with a study of "social media equity" which looks at social media usage by fan bases compared to team winning percentage, median income and market size.

The Packers come out competitively at number four, only behind the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys and that social media-crazy area of New England that is the home of the Patriots.

Of course, Packers fans have gone neck-and-neck for decades with the Steelers and Cowboys fans bases for the title of "America's Team" (at least in substance, since NFL Films chose to give them that moniker 34 years ago for a highlight film).

This just proves that love spreads to social media.

Oh by the way, you social media users, if you want to know what a Packers player is tweeting at any time, click here.

Now, we've had some problems with some of Emory's studies.  One of them actually claimed the Bears fan base is stronger than the Packers.