Packers have winnable game in Baltimore

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Packers have winnable game in Baltimore

By Larry McCarren. CREATED Oct 11, 2013

Packers-Ravens. Different opponent but the same story. Winnable game for Green Bay, even on the road, but the Pack has to play. Baltimore doesn't look like a defending Super Bowl just yet, but the 3-2 Ravens are coming around. Lots of new folks to incorporate into their way of doing things.

The no Clay Matthews factor, it is a factor. You just don't replace your best defensive player an apple for an apple, but between Mike Neal and Nick Perry, there's more than enough talent and play-making ability to win. Certainly not with the flair of a Matthews, but just as certainly good enough to get it done.

Just between us, the Packers are looking like a team with a legitimate chance to be special this season. 

Offensively, they're third in yards and, to your surprise, scoring, fourth in passing and fifth in their historical bug-a-boo, rushing.

Defensively, they're doing a fine job stopping the run, they rank fifth, and while they rate a less than respectable 26th against the pass, Morgan Burnett's back and Casey Hayward should be soon to follow.

Best defensive effort of the season, the Lions game, and it was the first that Burnett had played in. No coincidence.