Fake Aaron Rodgers raises $10k for real MACC Fund

Fake Aaron Rodgers raises $10k for real MACC Fund

By Kelly Hodgson, Packers contributor. CREATED Jan 4, 2014

Packers Nation is filled with numerous Twitter parody accounts. Many of you are familiar with them—staged personas that are often humorous caricatures of the players and coaches. They come alive during the season and provide a healthy serving of laughs during games.
There’s a Fake Mike McCartney and a Twitter account devoted solely to Clay Matthews’ ego. There are two different faux Aaron Rodgers. They sometimes interact with a make believe Jay Cutler and even a not-real  Peyton Manning.
But one Twitter personality stands out from the others, and they say the twitter handle has raised more than $10,000 for a Wisconsin charity that fights childhood cancer.


Twitter, no doubt brings fans together, and @N0tAaronRodgers has been successful at gathering Packers fans across the globe together to laugh at the Bears, mock the Vikings and poke fun at the Lions.
Living far from the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field in California, he originally thought it would be a way to connect with other fans.
“I created ‘N0tAaronRodgers,’ because I wanted to interact with other Packer fans during game time,” he says. “Where I’m from it’s all about the Niners, Raiders, and Cowboys. So using a parody account was my way of being able to talk football with other Packers fans.
He acknowledges that not all parodies are suited for younger fans. “I think that there are some good parodies out there, but I try to keep mine clean. I know there are kids interacting so I like to refrain from swearing and being too crude. I also try to keep it respectful. Unless you’re a Bears fan.”
It didn’t take long to gather quite the following. As of this past weekend, nearly 19,000 Packers fan follow N0tAaron for a daily dose of Packers-related laughs. He adds, “I think people have responded well to N0tAaron. Never in a million years did I think it would have anything close to the following it has. I love when I see tweets that say ‘You made my day with that joke.’ I like making people happy, and this is a fun way to do it.”
Somewhere along the way, N0tAaron realized that the fictitious Twitter character could also bring fans together for something more important than even football.
While N0tAaron is not even remotely connected to the actual Aaron Rodgers, he made the Really, Real Aaron Rodgers’ passions one of his own — the MACC Fund.
Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer has contributed over $45 million for childhood cancer and blood disorder research since its inception in 1976. The real Aaron Rodgers is one of the most visible faces today for the MACC fund, helping the non-profit continue to raise money for pediatric cancer research that benefits both Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee as well as the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison.
This year, N0tAaron partnered with the MACC Fund to start a pledge drive. There are no bake sales. There is no black tie night with N0tAaron Rodgers like there is with the real one.
“I basically tweet out a link to the MACC Fund donations page and tell my followers that I’ll follow them if they retweet the link,” he explains.  “People respond quickly, and the word spreads. Donations usually come in, and it’s incredible to see how much people care,” he explains.
N0tAaron started with modest goals, but as of Monday, he has been able to raise over $10,000 by just a handful of tweets and a link. But he doesn’t want to stop there.
The MACC fund was an easy choice for N0tAaron.  “My family and I are not strangers to childhood cancer,” he said.  “When my sister was 17, she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare and deadly cancer. The doctor told us she didn’t have much time and that she’d need to start chemo straight away. I’ll never forget that fear.
“To know that you have no control, and no power to help somebody you love makes you feel so incredibly desperate. The day before she was due to start chemo, another specialist decided to biopsy her tumor, and it ended up being a massive infection called  ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ that mimicked the cancer in blood tests and on X-rays.
“I know how it feels to have your world ripped apart thinking your loved one is going to die, but I also know how incredibly lucky we got. The day the doctor told us she would be fine, I made a promise to help families who didn't get to breathe that same sigh of relief, and ever since, I have.”
This isn’t the first time N0tAaron’s alter ego in California has participated in fund drives for pediatric cancer research, but it is the first that he has had the support of the Packers Nation.
As for his other alter ego in Green Bay, N0tAaron isn’t sure if the real Aaron Rodgers knows about his parody Twitter account but is hopeful it would be well-received.
“I hope that if he ever hears about it he isn't creeped out that someone is pretending to be him on Twitter. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? With that said, I hope he is proud the amount of love and support Packers fans have shown to the cause and to the MACC Fund.
“It’s really touching and incredible to see how much people care about this organization and their mission to help kids who are going through something far greater than most of us will ever understand.”
His real persona is on the internet, too. But that one is happy to remain in the shadows and not draw any attention. In fact, most of the fans he interacts with as N0tAaron will likely never even know his real name nor will their paths ever intersect.
In the meantime, N0tAaron is happy to remain anonymous and spread joy among the Packers faithful, even that occasionally means taking heat online for the real Rodgers after he tosses a rare interception.
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