Seinfeld's puffy shirt coming to minor league hockey

Seinfeld's puffy shirt coming to minor league hockey

By Greg Matzek. CREATED Sep 4, 2014

Those who know me well understand my bizarre obsession with the TV show, Seinfeld.

How bad is it?

I can (and do) drive by McDonald's on Capitol Drive in Milwaukee at 4:15am every weekday. I'm able to - while driving - glance to my right, through the window and spot Seinfeld on one of the flat screen TVs. In the span of about 2 seconds, I am able to recognize the episode that is airing and my mind instantly recalls the conversation that is taking place between the characters. It's a sickness.

You can better believe I was very excited to see that one minor league hockey team will devote a night to Seinfeld - complete with jerseys based off the infamous puffy shirt (that woman was a low talker!). 

CLICK HERE to see the uniform and learn more about the evening. Oh - and for what it's worth, the Milwaukee Admirals do have done a tribute to Seinfeld the past couple of years. Featured on the ice in 2012 was the Soup Nazi. Featured in 2013 was Jerry's comedic nemesis, Kenny Bania.