Packers overcome injuries to produce character-filled 19-17 win over Ravens

Eddie Lacy. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Packers overcome injuries to produce character-filled 19-17 win over Ravens

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Oct 13, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 13, 2013

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3:53 p.m. 
Some hopeful news about James Jones' condition from's Ian Rapoport:

3:47 p.m.
The Packers are gushing of the team's character in overcoming adversity today.

From Mike McCarthy, a load of comments given exclusively to Larry McCarren, including a reference to "True Grit."

4th Quarter

2:59 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  2:04
Onside kick...nope.  Carries through the end zone. 

One first down and this game's history.  Bama bowling ball, the time is now.

1st down: Lacy.   Ravens knew what was coming.  One yard.

2nd down after two minute warning: Bootleg!  28 yard line.  Stayed in bounds.  

3rd-2 at GB 28: Over the middle!  Finley!  SEE YOU LATER!  (Though he was knocked out of bounds.  Oops.)

1st down at BALT 21: Lacy.  Very much squat.

2nd down at BALT 14: Lacy, NEARLY the clinching first down with eight yards.  Bama Bowling Ball.  "That's what they drafted Eddie Lacy for." - Wayne Larrivee.

3rd-3 at BALT 14: Bama Bowling Ball with a first down and GAME OVER!

2:54 p.m.  Ravens' 2nd Drive  4:17
Green Bay 19, Baltimore 17
Flacco-Clark 18 yd TD pass

Jones eight yards deep in the end zone and the special teams just made Flacco and company's job super hard.  Chris Banjo with the field position-changing stop to make it 90 yards to the end zone for Baltimore.

Two-minute offense time for Baltimore: Doss open for 19 yards.  Middle of the zone.  The part where they get killed.

HUGE SACK!  A.J. Hawk "in spectacular fashion!"

3rd-27 at BAL 13: Rice...flat.  Both in the location of the throw and the result.  Six yards.

4th-21 at BAL 19: DOSS deep.  Forever to throw, and Doss was wide open.  63 yard pass play.  Where was that throw?  Deep middle.

Flacco to Clark.  Touchdown.  We have a ball game.

2:35 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  11:52
Green Bay 19, Baltimore 10
Crosby 31 yd FG

Ooooh.  Michael Hill with a mistake.  Should not have come out of the end zone.  84 yards to make it a 13-point game again.

I'm reading lots of requests by tweeters for the Packers to go Lacy, Lacy, and more Lacy.  The Ravens' defense must be following you.  One yard on 1st down.

3rd-1 at GB 25: Rodgers.  Nelson.  First down.  Phew.  Nine yards.

HUGE run by Lacy.  18 yards.  That is how you dominate up front, slam for big yards and keep a defense honest.

Play action this time, and Rodgers has to take it himself.  Ravens didn't bite.

3rd-54 inches at Ravens 41: Boom.  Lacy.  First down.  Fans, you have your wish.

Rodgers-to-Finley!  Line gave him forever.  Finley came open to give him help and Rodgers' scrambling did enough for 19 yards.

Lacy.  The Bama Bowling Ball for five.  Bama Bowling Ball for two.  You only NEED three points here.  

3rd-3 at BAL 12: Nelson fail.  Rare.  But the offense did its job.  Crosby can give Green Bay control.

2:30 p.m.  Ravens' 1st Drive  Continued from 1st quarter
Green Bay 16, Baltimore 10
Flacco-Jones 11 yd TD pass 

3rd-7 from BAL 45: Tramon Williams with a gift first down on a flag.  Cannot...repeat...cannot happen in this game.

RIce with his first solid run of the day, I believe.  11 yards on cutback magic.

Broken tackle.  14 yards.  Hawk and Lattimore both missing tackles.

Flacco gets Clark on a perfect circle route against the not-so-often pass coverage specialist Mike Neal.

1st-goal at GB 10: Mike Daniels owning his blocker, and Rice, too.

2nd-goal at GB 11: We've got a game.  Flacco-Jones.  Burning Shields.

3rd Quarter

2:24 p.m  Ravens' 3rd Drive  2:12
Pierce gets first-down yardage with one of the first well-blocked run plays of the day.  Also one of the first real outside run attempts.

Reverse...Brown...but Mike Neal's strong read of the play forced him inside and Micah Hyde cleaned up like a sponge.

2:17 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  4:34
Green Bay 16, Baltimore 3
Rodgers-Nelson 64 yd TD pass

Meanwhile, the guy who could have become the Packers' 3rd healthy receiver tomorrow, Charles Johnson, is saying....

Lacy.  Five yards.  Ground and pound.  Long drive now.  Turn the game back to 1955.

Lacy.  That loss can stop a long drive before it really starts.

3rd-6 at GB 24: Scrambling time and he reaches first down territory before smartly sliding and saving his health.

Play Nelson!  FINALLY!  64 yards and the play action nets results!

2:11 p.m.  Ravens' 3rd Drive  6:05
Green Bay 9, Baltimore 3
Tucker 23 yd FG

Click here to read Jeff Falconio's 1st half thoughts.

Defense and special teams are saving Green Bay's rear end right now, but not this time.  Doss gets a 35-yard return.

Flacco to Brown.  Uh oh.  And that is why the field goal was huge.  M.D. Jennings just saved a touchdown with a tackle after a 59-yard catch-and-run.

1st-goal at GB 6: Doss with the catch, but his tippy-toes fail him.  He also bowled over a photographer like he was a bowling pin.

3rd-goal at GB 5: Phew.  Brown droppage, with Lattimore helping force it.  ANOTHER save by this Packers defense.

2:00 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  9:23
Green Bay 9, Baltimore 0
Crosby 50 yd FG

Champions = teams that face this kind of daunting challenge & win. Such a win this would be IF they do it.

Baltimore knows it's Lacy on first down right now.  

Boykin!  Finally!  And he runs the Pimlico track to the Baltimore 25.  That was an off-to-the-races jailbreak pass play when they REALLY needed it.

Suggs draws the second holding penalty on Packers blocking him today.  That was obvious on Finley.

Rodgers...end zone...Webb was in perfect position to stop a well-thrown ball.  The problem: Rodgers didn't see Nelson open until Webb had enough time to catch up after Nelson was wide open.

3rd-17 at BALT 32: Is this field goal territory?  Hope not, but a two-score lead would be OK.

Against a blitz...Rodgers juuuuuuuuuust misses Finley.  Overthrow.

1:56 p.m.  Ravens' 2nd Drive  11:27
Rice up the middle...for...nothing.  Again.  The front seven is winning this game so far.

3rd-15 at BAL 15: Doss' catch and juke move fakes out Mulumba, but not Jennings.

More great offense by Hyde on the punt return...turning a sad field position situation into not-so-bad, at the 30 yard line of Green Bay.

Meanwhile, the speculation of Ted Thompson's next personnel moves are running rampant:

1:53 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  12:56
34 yards from a 13-0 lead, it's a short throw to Finley.  Naked bootleg on a key pass to the left side.  In human terms, that means Finley didn't block Suggs so he could run at Rodgers, but Finley was wide open on the throw.

3rd-3 at BALT 27: Aaron Rodgers with a rare jump ball throw in the end zone, and more rare that a throw like that to Nelson becomes a pick.

But at a VERY bad time.

1:48 p.m.  Ravens' 1st Drive  15:00
Dominate on defense, ground and pound 4-minute offense, need special teams plays.

Special teams did the job on the first kickoff return: a wall in front of Doss meaning an 84 yard drive to the end zone for Baltimore.

"Form tackle to the ground by Jamari Lattimore!" - Wayne Larrivee.  Defense will need a LOT of those this half.

3rd-7 at BALT 19: HUGE SACK!  FUMBLE!  Leach recovery, but Hyde (yes, I'm going there) saves the Packers' hide that drive.

Credit him as well for a great return into Baltimore territory.

2nd Quarter

1:33 p.m.  Ravens' 5th Drive  :20
Green Bay 6, Baltimore 0
Crosby 31 yd FG

"Randall Cobb is being carted off.  That is the centerpiece player outside of Aaron Rodgers on the Packers offense." - Wayne Larrivee

Now, Davon House limps off the field.  FUMBLE forced by Peryr!  Datone Jones!  Defense is your offense!  Two seconds left on the clock.  Wow!

But Crosby extends the lead.

1:27 p.m. Packers' 4th Drive  1:17
FINALLY!  Nelson makes his presence known with a fantastic catch-and-run on the slant pattern.  HUGE yardage.

Tick...tock...tick....Rodgers has to throw the ball away on 2nd down, but Bakhtiari gets nailed for holding one of the world's greatest pass rushers, Suggs.

Phew.  Smith, the MLB, nearly had a pick.  Finley claims face mask.  He was the intended receiver.  Replay shows there was NO face mask.

3rd-18 at BAL 26: Cobb three yards away from the first down, and HE'S slow to get up.  He was hit in the knee on a non-flag type of play.  Just an accident "where your knee is forced in the wrong direction, as in backwards." - Larry McCarren

Afterward, 15 yard penalty on the Packers due to unnecessary roughness with a little fracas after the play.

Tougher field goal for Crosby, and he missed.

1:22 p.m.  Ravens' 4th Drive  1:42
Two-minute time for Baltimore against a Packers defense that has owned them.

Phew.  Doss had a football go off his hands.  Thrown slightly high with Hawk stalking him, but Doss should have caught it.

3rd-10 at BAL 31: Could be a huge save by this defense again.

Make it 3rd-15 at BAL 36 after flaggage: Rice with a run play...nowhere near enough.  Nine meaningless yards.

Hyde with a FANTASTIC punt return that gives Green Bay's offense great field position.  A rusher was blocked into the kicker, so no call when the punter was knocked down.

1:16 p.m.   Packers' 3rd Drive  3:16
Two straight plays, two straight drops by Boykin.

"Jones latches on and makes a circle route, gets 15 more yards on it." - Wayne Larrivee.

3rd-19 at GB 18: Oh is a first down REALLY needed here, but it didn't happen as Rodgers had a d-lineman knock down a pass.  The guy owned T.J. Lang.  But on the replay, it looked like Rodgers had the ball slip out of his hands, too.

1:12 p.m.  Ravens' 3rd Drive  4:22
3rd-5 at GB 48: Big time pressure and Flacco is not Rodgers when scrambling.  Hawk with the sack.  This defense is saving the Packers today.


1:07 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  5:17
A false start means a 99.5 yard drive opportunity.

Lacy, for the first time, gets squat on 1st down.

3rd-10 at GB 1: How about that 99 yard bomb?  (Typed before the play starts, BTW.)

85 yards shorter than that, Boykin had a wide open slant pattern and simply dropped the ball.  "You gotta make that catch." - Wayne Larrivee.

12:55 p.m.  Ravens' 2nd Drive  10:02
Defense, the injured, sputtering offense needs you.

Rice OWNED by A.J. Hawk.  Unblocked.  Destruction of the Baltimore running game could save these Packers.

3rd-13 at BAL 30: Flacco has forever to throw, and finally able to get the ball deep to to Jacoby Jones, but the ref says his feet landed out of bounds.  Thankfully for the Packers, he was right.

PUNT BLOCK!  Ryan Taylor with the block, but Kuhn touched it.  Free ball, and the Ravens get another shot.

Lattimore all over Vonta Leach on 2nd down.  He can cover passes, too.  Leach and Johnny Jolly doing a little fun jawing on the sideline.

3rd-10 at BALT 41: Uh oh.  HUGE catch-and-run by Clark.  45 yards.  Perfect play design, particularly with a pick play that was not called.  Kuhn's folly now means at least three points.

Flacco...end zone...flaggage.  Shields' malfeasance means 1st-goal.

1st-goal at GB 4: Rice gets halfway there, and the Ravens now have -1 rushing today.

2nd-goal at GB 2: Rice another run, but Burnett stopped further progress.  Stingy.

3rd-goal at GB 1.5: Rice around the end...flaggage, though Rice is stopped!  Mulumba hurt, though.

4th-goal at GB 1: Character time.

Pierce up the middle...STUFFED!!!!!!!!!

12:48 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  12:57
Eddie Lacy starts the drive again instead of Johnathan Franklin.  Much better power running and play-action possibility.

FUMBLE by Rodgers!  Boykin saves a potential scoop and score with a recovery.

3rd-10 at GB 6: COBB!  Outstanding job by Nelson to keep his block going and spring Cobb, with Boykin's help.

Uh oh.

And the Packers say James Jones is out of the game.

3rd-7 at GB 22: Rodgers simply misses Boykin.  He really misses Jones.

12:40 p.m.  Ravens' 1st Drive  15:00
As discussed by the Ravens' radio voice, Gerry Sandusky (with a G, not a J...see pregame discussion below):

Uh oh.  A rare punt returned from the three yard line, but a 62-yard punt nets 23 yards thanks to great special teams by Baltimore and bad special teams by Green Bay.  Johnathan Franklin saved a TD.

3rd-17 at BAL 34 thanks to lots of yellow flaggage: Pierce breaks Mike Neal's tackle but M.D. Jennings succeeded in halting what could have been a first down.  "Phew" from the Packers' perspective, but it's a field position win.

A real field position win...94 yards to the end zone.

1st Quarter

12:35 p.m.  Packers' 4th Drive  2:44
Per Wayne Larrivee, James Jones has ice on his calf.  That tends to make me think it's "let's get the swelling down and see if I can go" type of thought process.

First John Kuhn sighting this year:

3rd-1 at GB 39: Rodgers, before calling time out, had three wideouts.  10 men at the line of scrimmage waiting for him.

3rd-1 at GB 39: Toss play, and Franklin slips on the rain-soaked turf.  Run plays work on 3rd-1.  NOT toss plays.

By the way:

12:32 p.m.  Ravens' 3rd Drive  3:26
Raji, "The Freezer," went behind a block and stuffed the run again.

3rd-13 at BAL 27: Meaningless 3rd down completion.  Another three-and-out.  Two of three drives.  That will make up for a lot of offensive imperfections.

12:24 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  5:29
M&T Bank Stadium CAN make some noise.

Cobb!  16 yards on a great play action play in the pistol formation.  Quick slant.  Unguardable.

James Jones questionable with his apparent left leg injury.

3rd-2 at GB 47:  After a Rodgers pump fake, the Ravens knocked the ball loose from his paws, but Barclay fumble recovery means 40 yards or more of field position for Baltimore to move. Maybe big play.

12:20 p.m.  Ravens' 2nd Drive  8:17
This time, Ray Rice beats NIck Perry in a one-on-one showdown in the open field.  First down because of it.  Manhandle with the stiff-arm.

In the meantime, the Packers aren't the only one with an injury issue:

Davon House with a heck of a defensive job on the bomb. House had help from Jennings, so he could try to play the ball.

3rd-9 at BAL 31: Jacoby Jones with lots of running room. Where was it thrown? Over the middle. Again.

Hawk wins a great one-on-one battle against the Ravens' tight end.  He HAS stepped up this year.

3rd-8 at GB 37: House again with the pass defense.  This time, his own work on man coverage reaching to tip a pass away.  If he fails, touchdown Baltimore.

12:14 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  10:28
Lacy on first down, and this time the Ravens were ready for it.  Linebackers flowed to the inside and stuffed the Packers' run blockers.

Rodgers.  Jones.  Slant pattern.  Money.  Stealing.  Unstoppable when caught.  10 yards.

Uh oh.  James Jones grabs his knee.  It's getting worse on the Packers injury bad McCarthy's going on the field, but Jones walks off on his own power.

Arthur Jones sheriff's Rodgers after Finley failed in blocking a man 50-plus pounds bigger than him.

3rd-18 at GB 28: Dumps to Lacy don't get first downs.

12:08 p.m.  Ravens' 1st Drive  13:11
Masthay's kickoff doesn't reach the end zone, and a 30 yard return by the great Jacoby Jones is a great addition to Joe Flacco and company.

Jamari Lattimore wins round one of his NFL starting career.  Tackles Ray Rice in open space for -1.

3rd-10 at BALT 33: Hawk and help destroy Flacco!  Perfectly timed and called blitz out of nickel defense.

Win against the run, dominate against the pass on 3rd down.  That's how you win on defense.

12:02 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  15:00
Green Bay 3, Baltimore 0
Crosby 45 yd FG
The kickoff flies to West Virginia which means an 80-yard drive opportunity for the Packers here.

First play: Lacy with the Playstation spin move opening him for a first down.

Second play: Ground and a HECK of a lot more than pound!  37 yards!  That's Hornung/Taylor-like from back in the day.  Larry: "Sealing and walling the entire Ravens defense."  Not Lombardi-like in the play choice, but in the deadly execution.

Fast-moving offense starts to bog down after a rare drop by Jordy Nelson.  Perfect throw by Rodgers, but "a plain old everyday drop" (McCarren).

3rd-4 at BAL 27: One of those drives which bogged down close to the end zone...and it does again.  Incompletion.

Pregame Updates

12:00 p.m.
Coin toss: Ravens win and will defer.  They know the McCarthy way of managing the coin toss results.

11:37 a.m.
More McCarthy exclusively with Wayne Larrivee:

On the Ravens in general:
"They're a football team that's really improved since week 1...very good football speaks volumes about their organizatoin, their approach...a team that's really starting to gel."

On Joe Flacco:
"Talented quarterback...he can make all the throws...last year was really a big year.  A change of coordinators...they can be a pound-it (team), but he has the ability to throw it 40 times a game."

"He has the ability to hit every quadrant of the field.  He has excellent big-play ability on the outside."

On the challenge of matching two first-year starters against the talent of Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil:
"Veteran, established Pro Bowl players...versus two young guys who are really in their first year of starting...we've got to help them."

11:31 a.m.
Mike McCarthy exclusively with Wayne Larrivee:

On concern about weather today:
"Something you've got to watch, particularly more the wind than anything."

"Rain in the forecast...we've just got to take care of the football."

On Jamari Lattimore starting today:
"Ready to go.  It's the opportunity everyone looks for somewhere in his career."

On the running game:
"Our running game's a work in progress...communication, the ability to get in and out of certain schemes, make the adjustments.  The running backs have really picked it up...we need to make good running decisions, take care of the football and stay on track."

On the criticism of the not-so-explosive offense in recent weeks:
"It gets old.  I'm tired of talking about it.  There are so many positive things...we understand there are certain things that aren't quite where we want them to be.  We're a damn good offense."

11:12 a.m.
Lots of purple seats still, but fans starting to file in in Baltimore.  Courtesy the Journal Sentinel's Ty Dunne:

He also previewed today's game with TODAY'S TMJ4's Rod Burks.

10:51 a.m.
After a sub-par offensive first quarter of 2013 (at least two games worth), here's where things stand in the chase for five players reaching 1,000 yards from scrimmage this year:
- Randall Cobb: 403
- Jordy Nelson: 371
- James Jones: 339
- James Starks: 231
- Eddie Lacy: 179
- Jermichael Finley: 153
- Johnathan Franklin: 127

Obviously, Cobb, Nelson and Jones are on pace.  Starks and Lacy's health are the key to whether 1,000 yards can come from the running back position.  Finley: he just needs to step up a bid (and stay healthy, too).

Still possible.

10:41 a.m.
Per the voice of the Baltimore Ravens, Gerry Sandusky:

Gerry has an incredible story, too.  No, he's not the Jerry that did unspeakable acts at Penn State.  However, through the process of having people wrongly accuse him, the Voice of the Ravens learned a spectacular perspective.

Also, the remainder of the inactives for the Ravens:

10:38 a.m.
Our Jeff Falconio gives you three keys for today's game.

10:33 a.m.
Here's your inactives for today's game for Green Bay.

- DE Josh Boyd
- CB Jarrett Bush
- CB Casey Hayward
- LB Brad Jones
- LB Clay Matthews
- RB James Starks
- G/C Greg Van Roten

10:31 a.m.
The fieldturf of Baltimore will be a soggy one.  Perhaps cue the power running game a little more?

10:18 a.m.
Pregame warmups are underway.  This photo from NBC26's Dan Koob:

And this from Dan...great photography:

8:48 a.m.
Two very compelling comeback stories about the Packers
- One which sometimes has been sometimes ridiculous, but hopefully ends with joyful closure in Green Bay: Brett Favre
- One which is meaningful far beyond any football field: Johnny Jolly

7:27 a.m.
One of our Packers contributors wrote this about the death of Adrian Peterson's son, and what she believes is a greater responsibility to stop the cause of the little boy's death.