Larrivee: Rodgers' absence impacts gashed defense

Aaron Rodgers. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Larrivee: Rodgers' absence impacts gashed defense

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Nov 11, 2013

Injured Packers starting QB Aaron Rodgers has never played a down of defense in the NFL, and probably none since high school.

However, the voice of the Green Bay Packers says that the loss of Rodgers due to a broken collarbone is affecting the team's defense.

"Somebody said earlier this week...'Aaron Rodgers doesn't play defense.'  No, but he impacts the defense," said Wayne Larrivee on 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News." 

"He's one of those rare individuals, like a Manning, like a Favre, like a Brady that when he's on the field, healthy and playing, all units of the team feel like they're going to win.  That's not X's and O's.  That's the kind of confidence you have as a team, as a unit.  That's where he impacts it greatly, parts of the game he doesn't even step on the field for."

Since the injury, the Packers' defense has given up 857 yards to the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles in a pair of home losses.

Both times, the Packers allowed teams to produce long, time-consuming marches which ended Green Bay's chances of victory.

"The thing that's most distressing to me is the ground defense.  Where has that gone?" asked Larrivee. 

"They have not been able to stop teams who run the football, who need to run it at a certain point in the game.  I got back to the Bears game, the eight-minute drive they had in the fourth quarter, and then yesterday.  To see Philadelphia with the ball with 9:32 to go and never give it back, that is absolutely deflating."

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