Kimberly Wipes Slate Clean in 2014


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Kimberly Wipes Slate Clean in 2014

By Dan Koob. CREATED Aug 11, 2014

The Kimberly Papermakers won the D2 state football title a year ago, went undefeated and were among the top 50 high school football teams in America.

What will they do for a follow up? Remember 2013 is over. 

"Last year's title belongs to the class of 2014," said senior running back Blair Mulholland.

"This team [doesn't] have a win," said head coach Steve Jones. "The message is a lot of guys are gone and we have fresh faces and need to turn the page."

Unlike last season, the Makers are anticipating a jump in divisions if they qualify for the playoffs. Growth in attendance has Kimberly primed to enter the fray as a small Division 1 school. 

Add in replacing 1st team All-conference Quarterback Scott Schreiber and the task seems tough for Kimberly.

Austin Weyenberg figures to step into the starting signal caller position after an ankle injury kept him out all of his junior season, making him one of the few Papermakers to not see any time in their D2 title victory over Oskosh North. The same Spartan squad the Papermakers will open with this year.

"I don't know how many times that's happened in state history," said Jones. "We're excited for the opportunity and it'll be a good test for us and a good gauge of where we're at early in the season."

For Weyenberg, it's a chance to put his own stamp on the Makers program after cartilage damage in his ankle made him a spectator during their championship season. 

"There were lots of times I felt I wasn't contributing, but it was nice they kept me part of the team and included me and it wasn't as tough that way," said Weyenberg. 

"Austin's a phenomenal athlete and really smart kid," opined Mulholland. "Having him in the backfield with me really puts me at ease." 

"I have a lot to improve on right now, I have to improve my reads but I have to keep battling and improve every rep," said Weyenberg.