Rodgers injured in Bears' 27-20 win over Packers

Lambeau Field. Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rodgers injured in Bears' 27-20 win over Packers

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Nov 4, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 4, 2013

Aaron Rodgers suffered a left shoulder injury - ESPN says a collarbone injury, though unconfirmed - in the first series of the game.  He will not return.  He re-appeared on the field without a sling, but with his left hand in his sweatshirt pocket.

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12:42 a.m.
Some classy words from the Bears about Aaron Rodgers after he was injured in the Packers' loss.

12:26 a.m.
This may not be very specific, but it could be telling.  From Sports Illustrated:

11:52 p.m.
We're not saying this is gospel truth, fact or anything else...just a report.  Still tests to come tomorrow, but according to ESPN's Rick Reilly:

10:57 p.m.
It appears there was no Aaron Rodgers talking in the postgame presser tonight.

10:55 p.m. 
Um, uh....

4th Quarter

10:39 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  :50
50 seconds.  75 yards.  No time outs.  Miracle needed.

:45 left: Nelson gets 15 yards, out of bounds.  Smart play.

:40 left: Sack time, and every bit of that gain was lost.

:12 left.  Sack time again.  McLellin daggers this one.

10:15 p.m.  Bears' 2nd Drive  9:48
Chicago 27, Green Bay 20
Gould 27 yd FG

12 yards from Forte.  Wayyyyyyyy too much to start the drive.

Biggest third down of the season so far...3rd-9 at CHI 24: McCown to Bennett...broken tackle.  Tramon Williams whiffed. 

Ooooooh....inches short on the 1st down call.  Do you go for it inside your 35 yard line?

Yes, at least just to draw them offsides...or go for it....and...Forte breaks a tackle and keeps Chicago's drive alive.  Hawk and Burnett couldn't get enough of a tackle on him.

Marshall helps the Packers' cause with a big drop at the 42.

3rd-6 at CHI 39: Another big conversion.  Marshall for 11 yards.  The exact part of the Packers' defense which has killed them.

Trap play and Bush slams up the middle for nine yards.  Getting closer to field goal range.  Any points could be dagger-like, with Seneca Wallace not exactly being Aaron Rodgers.

"Painful...just the way the Bears would script it." - Larry McCarren

Uh oh.  Forte with a fantastic outside run and he stays in bounds.

"The Bears are doing whatever they want." - Wayne Larrivee

They're dripping the clock down play after play, running the ball until the two-minute warning.

3rd-5 at CHI 19: Forte around left end.  First down.  That may be it.

1:20 left: Forte to the 4..make that a holding penalty, but it doesn't help the Packers' time-concerns.

1:08 left: Forte up the middle.  Time out.  It's becoming sad.

1:04 left: Forte for three yards.  Time-out.

17th play of the drive coming up.

3rd-14 at GB 15: Stopped at the nine.  Begging for a miracle.

10:09 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  12:25
Running behind Barclay/Newhouse, six yards for Lacy.  150 yards. 

Flaggage, is it a face mask?  Yep.  Tillman.  Thanks for the 15 yards.  Much needed.  Any help appreciated.

3rd-3 at CHI 40: Wallace avoids one sack...not the second.  McLellin impersonating Lawrence Taylor, destroying Marshall Newhouse.

10:02 p.m.  Bears' 1st Drive  14:01
90 yards to a two-score lead for Chicago.  Defense must come up big.

Uh oh.  Forte with a convoy for 15 yards.  Bounce outside was fantastic.  Bears' blocking was, too.

McCown smashed on 2nd down as he gets the ball away, but A.J. Hawk miraculously gets a hand on the ball intended for Bennett.  If not, that's a 74 yards TD.

3rd-9 at CHI 26: Bennett with the ball in and out of his hands.  Williams with a tip of it.  HUGE defense.

10:00 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  continued from 1st quarter
3rd-5 at CHI 48: Wallace tipped...uh oh.

Phew.  Peppers' 2nd tip of the night.  Havoc wreacked.

3rd Quarter

9:54 p.m.  Packers' 4th Drive  2:41
Lacy and company have to go 84 yards for the lead this drive.  They start with three.

BOOM!  Wallace to Nelson!  Finally, a great pass play, great throw from Wallace to an open Nelson.  Receivers are going to have to work hard to help Wallace.

Play action this time to Quarless.  Key pass with a fake toss to Lacy.  "Heck of a throw on the run by Seneca Wallace." - Larry McCarren

Meanwhile, check out the Aaron Rodgers photobomb from tonight.

9:45 p.m.  Bears' 3rd Drive  5:19
Chicago 24, Green Bay 20
McCown-Jeffery 6 yd TD catch

Uh oh.  Hester with 23 yards after a bunch of stutter-steps. 

DOWN GOES MCCOWN!  Thanks to his own wide receiver who ran into McCown, with Palmer owning the outside containment.

Uh oh.  Again, Marshall getting open, with the help of Brad Jones getting flagrantly held, per Larry McCarren's keen eyes for offensive line play.  To the Packers 34.

Forte wide open with lots of running room.  12 yards.  Chicago is destroying Green Bay with YAC.

Chicago is moving like a machine.  11 yards by Forte, up the middle.  Packers defense getting chopped and quartered.

1st-goal at GB 6: Fade for Marshall...nope.  Bad pass.  If a good pass, Chicago leads.

2nd-goal at GB 6: End zone to Jeffrey, taken right above Davon House.  Simply a great catch.

9:43 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  6:19
1st down pass thrown behind Nelson...but Nelson had his hands on it.  Should have caught, but bad pass anyway.

3rd-6 at GB 23: Wallace has to run for his life and throw the ball away.  No blocker for the blitzing McLellin.

9:33 p.m.  Bears' 2nd Drive  8:45
Bombage again from McCown with this (can't believe I'm typing this) explosive Chicago offense, but Sam Shields blankets Brandon Marshall.

RAJI!  Don't run up the middle. The Packers will own you.  (Most of the time.)  

3rd-9 at CHI 21: Jeffrey.  Open, after forever to throw.  Pass rush and the deep middle are the Packers' two weaknesses, and the Bears took advantage.

Brandon Marshall injured for the Bears.  His legs appeared to be tangled up with a Packers defender.

By the way:

Neither arm in a sling, but as Larry McCarren noted, Rodgers keeps his left arm in his sweatshirt pocket.

3rd-5 at CHI 40: Diving catch by Jeffrey?  Nope.  Trap.

9:24 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  13:04
Green Bay 20, Chicago 17
Crosby 23 yd FG
ONSIDE KICK!  WOW!  Few better at the surprise onside.  Lattimore with the recovery.

T.J. Lang with a concussion.  He's out.

LACY AGAIN!  12 yards, but the momentum is exploding.

3rd-1 at CHI 30: The job done with Starks up the middle.  Not much, but enough.  Quarless with the key block.  "Good at the rough stuff." - Larry McCarren.

Power running.  More power running.  Effective.

MIRACLE!  Anderson had a Wallace pass picked and the ball went through his hands, and Jones locked on to the ball and it's first-goal, after a (PHEW) fumble recovery.

1st-goal at CHI 6.5: Tim Jennings with a gutsy one-on-one tackle of Starks who hurts you when you tackle him.

2nd-goal at CHI 5.5: Nelson has a good pass knocked away by two Chicago defenders, even with a desire for yellow flaggage.

3rd-goal at CHI 5.5: Wallace totaly missed Quarless.  His inaccuracy and decisions cost the Packers four points.

9:19 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  13:57
Green Bay 17, Chicago 17
Lacy 1 yd TD run


What moves have the Packers' offense made since the loss of Rodgers? Halftime adjustments critical.

LACY!  SEE YA...almost.  56 yards RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE!  Newhouse with a fantastic block.

1st-goal at CHI 1: Lacy!  TIE BALL GAME!

The Bama Bowling Ball is alive.

9:15 p.m.  Bears' 1st Drive  15:00
22 yards on the return from Hester...thanks to Franklin's great special teams work.

3rd-7 at CHI 24: Droppage.  Forte.  The Packers and a high-blood-pressure-impaired Packers fan base thanks you.


9:05 p.m.
For some entertainment that perhaps might be needed by a sobered Packers Planet after Rodgers' injury, check out the Chicago Tribune's Facebook page showcasing a Packers logo.

2nd Quarter

8:51 p.m.  Bears' 3rd Drive  4:16
Chicago 17, Green Bay 10
Gould 24 yd FG

McCown gets the Bears out of trouble with a throw to Marshall.  The south end zone decibel level drops three-fold.

Forte up the middle...a rare great run against the Packers defense.  17 yards.  Garza and Long blasted both on the first and second level.  Not good.

Bush is on the move inside two minutes.  McCown is dealing, 12-19 tonight.  181 yards passing.

Make that 13-20 for 195 yards after a 14-yard gain to a wide-open Marshall.

3rd-9 at GB 26: McCown runs it himself and turns into Gale Sayers, setting up the Bears for a field goal or more.

8:45 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  5:16
Andy Mulumba (ankle) and Sam Barrington (hamstring) both questionable for return tonight.

WALLACE TO BOYKIN!  Finally!  A great play that htis offense needed.  Boykin shielded the defenders for a 15-yard gain.

3rd-11 at CHI 40: FANTASTIC catch by Quarless on the left side...uh,'s being waived off.  Possession issue.  This will be reviewed.

That IS a catch.  But McCarthy is not going with the challenge flag. Oops.

Davon House with the hero catch at the 1 yard line with Masthay's punt.  99 yards to defend.

By the way, as heard in the TODAY'S TMJ4 newsroom:

8:40 p.m.  Bears' 2nd Drive  7:22
The Packers' run defense is still there.  They're angry animals right now with their wounded quarterback.  But can they stop Chicago's productive passing game (in history, when has that ever happened since Sid Luckman)?

Uh oh.  Another guy hurt in the linebacking corps.

3rd-4 at CHI 19: McCown off target to Marshall.  Field position battle ensuing.

8:35 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  9:26
The Bears' defense know the Packers must run now.  They string Starks out for -3 on an outside run.  Why run outside that much?  The Bears have a soft underbelly.

Two yards on 2nd down, another outside run.  Why?  Go up the middle!!

3rd-10 at GB 27: Nelson with Wallace's 2nd useless completion, outside the first down yardage area.  Useless three-and-out.

8:27 p.m.  Bears' 1st Drive  13:02
Chicago 14, Green Bay 10
Forte 1 yd TD run

Forte off to the races.  Uh oh.  Swing pass underneath and he had no Packers within 10 yards at the time of the catch.  HUGE YAC.  To the 25.

RAJI!  He has awakened as well with his 2nd TFL of the drive.  -4 on a swing pass.  "A very intelligent defensive lineman. He knows this game." - Larry McCarren

Bennett...beautiful pass play inside the Green Bay 1.  Crossing route in front of Hawk and he was perfectly set up with more YAC.

1st-goal at GB 1: Forte stuffed like a turkey.

2nd-goal at GB 1: Forte up the middle...4th lead change.

Not funny to Packers fans, Amanda.

8:22 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  15:00
Wallace is able to escape...barely...Julius Peppers, but he should have tossed the ball to Two Rivers instead of losing three yards.

Unless it's a great play action fake, I wouldn't do much first down passing.

3rd-10 at GB 13: Wallace to Quarless...argh.  Not enough for a first down.  Useless completions.  This guy is not the best of backups.  The Matt Flynn watch (in the fan base) is on.

1st Quarter

8:15 p.m.  Bears' 3rd Drive  8:38
Devin Hester destroyed by Chris Banjo at the 13!  This Packers team truly has woken up, inspired without their leader.  I cannot think of this kind of emotion out of this team in recent years.  Wow.

Forte blasted by Pickett, who ran through his blocker Garza and tripped Forte in the backfield. Amazing.

3rd-2 at CHI 21: Jeffrey went over the middle on a slant pattern and it was easy money for Josh McCown.

Toss to Marshall on a WR screen, and the doctors on the Packers' defense diagnosed it perfectly.  NO gain.

3rd-6 at CHI 41: Nope.  McCown off target.

8:11 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  3:45
Green Bay 10, Chicago 7
Starks 32 yard TD run

WOW!  The Packers have woken up!  They are united in rallying around their fallen teammate, Aaron Rodgers.

8:08 p.m.  Bears' 2nd Drive  5:01
Defense, the Packers need you more than they have in years.

McCown is in the zone on 2nd down..finding Martellus Bennett...wait...that was ruled incomplete as a low throw.

3rd-8 at GB 43: McCown is SACKED!  Neal.  Datone Jones.  MONSTER.  The defense and crowd are alive.

BLOCKED KICK!  Lattimore saves the team from horrible field position, and they're 32 yards away from the lead.

8:00 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  9:48
It's the Seneca Wallace era in Green Bay...for now.

The Bears, on two of three Lacy carries, bring it.  Two yards as they had eight in the box.

Lacy student body right...first down.  He sifted through defenders like water through a strainer.

Bears are daring Wallace to throw...nickel defense this time...four straight Lacy carries...POUNDING defenders.  Charles Tillman, your jockeying career just began.

First throw by Wallace to Myles White for eight yards.  They worked together on the 2nd team a bit.

Lacy again!  This guy's blood boiled when he saw Rodgers go down, and he has stepped up with emotion.  Breaking tackles every play, seemingly.

Again.  Lacy. 

Uh oh.  Pick.  Tip by Peppers on a slant to Nelson, and he also grabbed it and took it a few yards.  Ugh.  Pain.

7:48 p.m.  Bears' 1st Drive  12:24
Chicago 7, Green Bay 3
McCown-Marshall 23 yd TD pass

Uh oh.  Devin Hester.  Crosby kicks due to directional kicking skill.  It helped, a little bit.  In the corner...and Hester got 29 yards.


Marshall starts with a 13-yard reception, and a slant pattern over the middle.  Ugh.  Stealing that time.

Now in Chicago territory, Chicago is running out of time on the play clock.  They may need that time out later.  Way to confuse Josh McCown.

And as Seneca Wallace warms up (gasp among many Packers fans)

Left shoulder problem for Rodgers, per Wayne Larrivee.

GREAT job  by Sam Shields to stop Brandon Marshall in the end zone.  The Packers' defense and everyone else must step up without Rodgers.

3rd-6 at GB 23: McCown is able to reach Marshall for a miraculous touchdown for Chicago...Williams called for pass interference, but both guys pushed/shoved.

7:40 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  15:00 left in 1st quarter
Green Bay 3, Chicago 0
Crosby 30 yd FG

It takes someone to hold Robbie Gould's kickof with the strong winds at Lambeau Field.

Charles Tillman of the Bears, by the way, is using a hand warmer on the sideline.  It's in the 40's.  Wimp.

First play: Oh, Packers fans love flaggage on Chicago.  They don't like subsequent two-yard gains from Eddie Lacy (though sucking in a defense always helps).

Nelson!  HUGE gain to the 27.  Wide open over the middle past three defenders.

Lacy pounding!  16 yards to the 11.  Toss sweep and it took three defenders to get him down.  Nice.

3rd-8 at CHI 9: Rodgers on a scramble and McLellin got to him before Rodgers counld find a receiver in first down territory.  Great job by the Bears secondary.

Pregame updates

6:57 p.m.
More MIke McCarthy exclusively with Wayne Larrivee:

On the Bears' offense:
"They're dynamic schematically on offense.  They have tgood players, a good perimeter group.  Forte's a Pro Bowler, they're re-made the offensive line...this is a big challenge defensively."

On Josh McCown:
"He's had a long time to get ready for this game...he's an experience QB, been in the league a long time...I think they'll try to pick up where they left off offensively...this is a very productive offense."

On the Bears' defense and their takeaway propensity:
"An excellent job of ball extraction, a focus for us (protecting the football) each and every week.  We've got to do a good job of that."

On the expected wind tonight:
"Wind always factors in field position.  It's important to go about it that way.  That's something we have a pregame report when we get out there...same thing at halftime.  Anytime you get above a 15 mph wind, it's something that definitely factors in the game."

On Devin Hester:
"You have to know where he is every single week.  That hasn't changed in my time here...potential Hall of Fame returner.  He's gifted...his ability to read, stretch and cut up the field is unique."

6:52 p.m.
McCarthy exclusively with Wayne Larrivee:

On Monday night at home against their archrival:
"It's a great atmosphere...Monday night football, the Chicago Bears.  This will be a fun one."

On the seemingly interminable wait for kickoff on a Monday night:
"It's a long day.  We got up early.  We had meetings in the morning, had a walk-through...the fun part's here, but it's a very long week.  The hard part is coming off of this, going into a six-day work week."

On James Jones' health:
"(James) Jones will play.  Hopefully, we'll get him going, see how he feels."

On Jarrett Boykin's development with Jones, Randall Cobb out:
"Jarrett's a hard worker, a tough kid, very competitive.  Happy to see what he's brought to the plate."

On the health of the offensive/defensive lines:
"Knock on wood (as he literally knocks on wood in the interview room) needs to stay that way...the depth of the offense and defensive line is so important to your success."

6:18 p.m.
Yes, our Greg Matzek is playing P.A. announcer tonight at Lambeau Field.

6:13 p.m.
Here are your Packers inactives:
- DE Josh Boyd
- TE Jermichael Finley
- WR Chris Harper
- LB Clay Matthews
- CB James Nixon
- LB Nick Perry
- DE C.J. Wilson

That means receivers James Jones and Ryan Taylor will play.  Brad Jones will go, as expected.

6:04 p.m.
The Packers Radio Network's Dennis Krause confirms James Jones will play.

5:57 p.m.
The doors are open at Lambeau Field.

5:49 p.m.
We have an update on the condition of James Jones and whether he'll play, from Fox Sports's Mike Garafolo:

5:41 p.m.
Our Jeff Falconio gives you his three keys for tonight's game.  Check them out here.

5:12 p.m.
As 620WTMJ's Mark Tauscher explains on Packers Gameday, this rivalry is one of respect.

"It's awesome.  There's a lot of respect among both franchises," said Tauscher.

"It's a great rivalry, the old adage goes you can throw the records out the window...a lot of fun to be part of."

Our Wayne Larrivee got into that subject this week.

5:06 p.m.
Kroll's is getting busy, per the Press-Gazette's Robert Zizzo:

4:56 p.m.
Coming up on TODAY'S TMJ4's "Live at 5," a Packers-loving dog guaranteed to make you say "awwwwwwwwwwww."

4:55 p.m.
It appears the Chicago team bus is cutting it a bit short for getting to Lambeau Field on time, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette's retweet:

To help you get pumped for #Packers v. #Bears, we present "An ode to 'The Bears Still...' " (well, you know).

4:39 p.m.
Inspiration from Jermichael Finley as he continues his battle to rebound from a spinal injury.

3:49 p.m.
Darren Rovell of ESPN has discovered a new application for a Packers Jeff Saturday jersey:

3:47 p.m.
Our Lance Allan previews tonight's game...hear his take on Wisconsin's Afternoon News on 620WTMJ.

3:22 p.m.
A pair of players will celebrate birthdays today - one more famous than another.

The Packers have Jarrett Boykin as a birthday boy.

The Bears?  Well, that Devin Hester guy.

1:39 p.m.
Fans going to tonight's Packers-Bears game, you're going to hear a familiar voice on the P.A. microphone.

620WTMJ's Greg Matzek will be the public address voice of Lambeau Field for tonight's game.

1:36 p.m.
Rodgers has done it again.  This time, it's not entertainment, but difference-making.

He spent time with a young musician with spina bifida, but with great talent.  They worked on a song together...and Rodgers even sings!

12:51 p.m.
Be informed and be entertained as you prepare for Packers-Bears tonight.

Informed: No one can get your more prepared with what you need to know about tonight's game than our own Wayne Larrivee, calling his 58th Packers-Bears game tonight.

Here are his own pregame notes.

The entertainment: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers doing his Bears "Superfans" impersonation in the latest "Discount Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaable Check" commercial.