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Continued warm with spotty chances for needed rain.

 A couple of showers and thundershowers are moving through the area now.  Mainly north of Green Bay.  Those showers will be out of here by the time the Sun goes down.

For tonight expect clearing skies with breezy conditions.  West winds continue to gust around 20mph.  Our low temperature really wont be that low around 62°.

Friday looks a lot like today.  Sunny and warm conditions with a chance of a shower or thundershower in the afternoon.  High temperatures will once again reach up into the mid 80s.  It will stay breezy with northwest winds around 10-15 mph.

Any outdoor plans Friday evening may be effected by a quick shower or thundershower.  The chances are really slim however they cannot be ruled out.  West winds will begin to fade helping to allow our low temperature to settle back to about 61°.

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NBC26 10 Day Forecast
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