Veteran amputee gets new wheelchair after story goes viral


Veteran amputee gets new wheelchair after story goes viral

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 17, 2014

The story about a group of Lowe's employees who fixed a Marine Corps veteran's wheelchair after it broke down in their store recently went viral.

Michael Sulsona, 62, lost both of his legs after he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam in 1971. Apparently, he had been waiting for two years for a new wheelchair from the Department of Veterans Affairs when his wheelchair broke down inside of Lowe's on Staten Island, New York.

Three Lowe's employees stepped in to repair the broken wheelchair, and someone snapped a photo as Sulsona watched the employees working on his chair.

Sulsona then told a local newspaper the story of the Lowe's employees helping him when the VA would not, and the story quickly went viral.

Days later, a brand-new wheelchair from the VA showed up at his door. reached out to the VA for comment. However, they have not responded.

A spokesman for the VA New York/New Jersey Healthcare Network said that they were very grateful that the situation was brought to their attention, according to Fox News.

Sulsona told Today that he never meant to bash the VA. He says that he shared the story about the random act of kindness by the Lowe's employees because, "It's become newsworthy when someone is nice."

The store manager told BuzzFeed that he was "incredibly proud" that the employees helped a veteran.

Sulsona is planning on keeping the repaired wheelchair as a spare.


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