Vet discovers nearly 44 socks in Great Dane's stomach


Vet discovers nearly 44 socks in Great Dane's stomach

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Sep 4, 2014

Have you ever had one of your socks mysteriously disappear and no idea where it went? If you have a large dog, you might want to pay closer attention to his diet.

A 3-year-old Great Dane in Oregon apparently ate nearly 44 of his masters' socks back in February. His owners became concerned when dog stopped eating and started vomiting and retching instead. But, they had no idea why he was sick.

Oregon Live says that his owners took him to Portland's DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. That is when Dr. Ashley Magee discovered the socks in the dog's stomach.

The Great Dane had to have surgery and Magee removed 43 and 1/2 socks. It is not known what happened to other half of the sock.

Of course, the story soon began making the rounds and when DoveLewis learned of a contest titled "They Ate WHAT?" by the folks at Veterinary Practice News for vets.

Believe it or not, they did not win. The first place winner was a frog who ate rocks in Texas and the second place winner was German short-haired pointer in Florida who ate a shish kabob skewer. The sock-eating dog earned the vet hospital third place and $500.

It was because of that contest that the story of the Great Dane and the disappearing socks started making national headlines.

The Great Dane fully recovered.

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