Myspace 'blackmails' former users with old photos


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Myspace 'blackmails' former users with old photos

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jun 3, 2014

Myspace is still active, and it has an estimated 15 billion pictures of former users saved to prove it.

Did you get an cringeworthy email over the weekend with the subject line "Your Photos are Back!?" Thousands of former Myspace users horrifyingly did.

Using the the tag-line, "The good, the rad, and the what were you thinking..." Myspace personally reached out to past and current users with an email full of the user's old photographs. Even if you have long forgotten about Myspace, the social media site still has your photos, and it's clearly not afraid to use them to try to get you back.

"There’s still a Web site called 'Myspace,' but it does almost none of the things that it did when you last used it, c. 2008," reports The Washington Post. "In 2011, the site was bought by a California company called Specific Media, and two years later, Specific relaunched Myspace as a kind of streaming radio service/music news site/social network for music fans … complete with a $20 million ad campaign (Justin Timberlake was, you may recall, an early investor.)"

"As of last October, the site reported 31 million monthly users, most of them 'millennials and artists' — including El-P and Pharrell," further reports The Washington Post. "By comparison, however, Myspace had well over 100 million monthly users at its peak, and Facebook has a mind-boggling 1.28 billion now." 

So, did you receive the email that's being dubbed by the Internet as "blackmail?" And if so, have you since logged on to your Myspace account? Share with us below and/or find us on Facebook.

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