Latest deep-fried sensation made of a Twinkie, Twix candy bar and bacon



Latest deep-fried sensation made of a Twinkie, Twix candy bar and bacon

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Aug 27, 2014

The TwinX is the latest deep-fried fair food sensation this week at the New York State Fair, which opened Aug. 21.

The TwinX, which features a Twix stuffed in the middle of a Twinkie and then wrapped in bacon, was invented by the owners of the popular stand Fried Specialties, according to Owners Jim and Pam Hasbrouck are known for their motto "You Bring it, we fry it."

They aren't kidding either. The couple invite fair-goers each year to bring their own foods to be deep fried. In addition, their menu includes deep-fried Pop Tarts, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Snickers wrapped in bacon, pickles, jelly beans, pumpkin pie and strawberry tacos.

Another new item this year is the "Reeso," which is a Resse's Peanut Butter Cup stuffed between two DoubleStuf Oreos.

It you are worried about nutritional value, this is not the place the food both for you. Fried Specialties has never released or displayed nutritional information but says that the TwinX contains a whopping 1,100 calories and 80 grams of fat.

The Tiki Turtle, who also has a booth at the New York State Fair, is selling its "pig and potato parfait" to hungry patrons. The unique creation features mashed potatoes and barbecue pork. They are also offering their perennial best-seller deep-friend macaroni and cheese again this year.

Other state fair offerings include the Fried Sweet Texas at the the State Fair of Texas, which opens Sept. 26. According to the Niagara Gazette, it is a combination of peach cobbler, pecan pie and buttermilk pie. Funnel cake ale is also on the menu in Texas. A funnel cake ale is a funnel cake inside of a powdered sugar-rimmed mug.

A booth at the Minnesota State Fair, which is running through Sept. 1, is selling something called beer gelato. It is described as a rich gelato blended with local craft beer. The dessert salami -- chocolate, butter, almonds and walnuts shaped to look like lunch meat -- is also on sale at the fair.

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