WI Basketball Royalty: Interview with Tony Bennett's Sister


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WI Basketball Royalty: Interview with Tony Bennett's Sister

By John Maino. CREATED Mar 27, 2014

Green Bay, WI -- He's Green Bay's all time best. He played in the NBA. He was National Coach of the Year and is now leading his Virginia Cavaliers into the Sweet 16. There's no question that Tony Bennett is somebody special, at least outside of his family. 

"He's just always still my little brother. I just always have to throw that in. I mean yeah, he's big in the basketball world but not to me and my kids. He's just still Tony," said Amy Bennett Stieber.
Tony is the youngest of three with sisters Amy and Kathy who helped with his dream.
"Forcing me to go rebound with him or setting up. I don't know. He always had the toss back with the sheet up over it, so all he could see was the rim. He would just work and work and work," said Stieber.
Now of course dad, Coach Dick Bennett, wasn't too bad himself. You would assume he encouraged his son to follow in his footsteps.
"Honestly, I think I would say the opposite. Or maybe it was more my mom saying, 'Don't do this. Look what it does to people,'" said Stieber.
Dad doesn't attend many games. Sitting still and keeping quiet aren't his strong points.
Amy says, "Maybe he wants to control some of it, but he knows he can't. He can be volatile and yell, and you know TV cameras are watching him, so it's maybe better he stays home."
Tony, on the other hand, is relatively serene.
"I think that's my mom's side more in him. I think Tony just has more of a calmness."
As for the nephews and nieces, their allegiance to Uncle Tony includes head carving, but it's that other coach who still commands their attention.
John Maino asks, "Who's a better teacher of basketball,  your uncle or your grandpa?"
"I'd have to say my grandpa. I think they're both really good, but I think my grandpa taught him and that's where it came from."
Maino asks, "Who's more intense?"
"Oh my grandpa, hands down!"
"Even in the driveway just shooting around?" Maino questions.
The kids reply, "Hands down, oh yeah. 'Play some defense!'"