The Maino Project: Searching for Big Foot


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The Maino Project: Searching for Big Foot

By John Maino. CREATED Oct 31, 2013

Menominee, MI -- Deep in the woods north of Menominee, Michigan is a place where deer, bear, coyotes, bobcats, wolves, raccoons, porcupines and maybe an occasional cougar call home. But is there something else wandering around out there that's well over 6 feet tall, very hairy and possibly ornery?

One trip to Craig Sulk's cabin and you realize he knows his way around the woods and loves to capture wildlife on his trail cameras.
Sulk says, "We were just calculating this and we get over 30,000 pictures a year."
But one picture from one camera has him scratching his head.
"I never claimed to have picture of Sasquatch. I have a picture of something that looks just like Sasquatch."
Craig allowed John Maino to take a look at a sequence of photos. In one picture, Maino says, "There is something there."
After sitting on the picture for almost a year, he contacted Animal Planet. 
"I sent picture in and it wasn't long, they were on their way."
His wife, Barb, is also an avid hunter. She hasn't seen anything strange but has heard things.
"We heard some really weird growling noises here in the woods," said Barb.
Barb has shown the picture to her co-workers.
"Oh I'm very surprised at people who've seen the picture and say, 'a squatch,' and I'll say 'ah you said it! A squatch!'"
Craig's hunting partner may be a little more wary in the woods.
His nephew says, "I couldn't believe the pictures when I seen them.."
Maino asks, "Are you a little nervous when you're out there now?"
Jacob Sulk replies, "It makes me look around, yeah."
So what exactly is it that roams these woods? They're not sure. No one is, but they really can't rule it out either.
"There's a lot of people calling me and telling me at work that, 'oh yeah I seen one,' and you kind of look at them and go okay, 'you know it's a little crazy, but is it?'"