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The Maino Project: Bigfoot Caught on Camera in the U.P.?


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The Maino Project: Bigfoot Caught on Camera in the U.P.?

By John Maino. CREATED Jan 20, 2014

Menominee, MI -- A cabin nestled deep in the woods on a cold winter's night, but inside nerves are a little on edge as Craig Sulk and friends gather around the TV for the program shot on his property. 

Sulk says, "I'm very excited, a little nervous and I really look forward to seeing how the Finding Bigfoot team put this all together and what their final results were on the picture."

We visited the spot last fall where an unusual image showed up on one of his trail cameras. Back then. we couldn't show it but now we can. It's a dark, hulking image amongst the trees that appeared in one frame and then disappeared.
"All I wanted to know was the truth. What was in this picture?" said Sulk.
For nine hours the team investigated and came away scratching their heads like the rest of us.
"I just wish we could have come to some sort of consensus to exactly what that is because that is the reason for them coming in the first place to tell us what is in that picture," said Sulk. "And a lot of times they'll say that's not a Sasquatch, not a Bigfoot. In this case, undetermined."
John Maino asks, "Are you relieved?"
"Relieved!," replies Sulk.
So the question remains. Are those in the cabin the ones doing the watching or the ones still being watched?