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Memorable Medals Made Right Here in Titletown


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Memorable Medals Made Right Here in Titletown

By John Maino. CREATED Mar 6, 2014

Green Bay, WI -- It is literally the crowning moment of achieving the highest level of collegiate athletics, being handed that hunk of hardware. It signifies that no one has done it better. While it would be great to have a trophy come to Green Bay, that would actually make it a return trip, because it all begins at Medalcraft Mint on Mason Street.

"We make the globe that goes on the NCAA trophy. All the gold, silver and bronze is made here in Green Bay," said Jerry Moran of Medalcraft Mint.

Medalcraft Mint is the go to place for a bevy of national championship trophies for a huge variety of sports from D-1 to junior college, but Moran just finished sending out some sterling silver medallions to some well known players in the professional sports ranks.

"For the past 4 to 5 years, we've done the Pro Bowl medallion. It's awarded to all the participants, everybody who voted in, played in and all the coaches in the Pro Bowl."

Toss in some of the hottest precious metal Olympic coins on the market right now, and you've the makings of a sports trend. But there are some other clients on the list who might be tougher customers.

"We're in at the Secret Service, border patrol, CIA, the Pentagon. We do a lot with the Secretary of Defense and defense agencies." 

John Maino asks, "I bet your background has been thoroughly checked?

Moran replies, "They probably know more about me than I do."

They churn out thousands of unique pieces a year. Most are hand designed by his employees. His favorite one stayed in town.

Moran says," Jim Arts was Chief of Police at that time, and he got approval from the Packers and the NFL to use the 'G' and say that it was Titletown USA."

So in a couple of weeks when they start handing out the national title trophies, keep in mind that they are home grown. It's something the folks at Metalcraft take pride in.