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Local Snowmobiler Helping Soldiers Return from War


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Local Snowmobiler Helping Soldiers Return from War

By John Maino. CREATED Feb 18, 2014

After serving overseas in four separate deployments, Dave Sarna came back with a different mission in mind. He wanted to find unique ways to show his appreciation and extend a hand to other veterans.  

"I thought, you know what, vets on sleds," said Sarna.

The first ride was held in Manawa. It's all part of a plan to make sure current vets have a better return than those from a past war.
"My brother was a Vietnam vet and when he came back, you know those guys they definitely didn't get the welcome that we did. But you know all they wanted to do was just fit back into society. They just wanted to be the average guy on the block," explains Sarna.
Ironically, it's Sarna who probably deserves as much acclaim for his service as anyone. Each of his deployments were spent literally with a price on his head. He was working as a trainer for Iraqi and Afghan soldiers.
"When you go outside that wire, and that's the name of the book I'm going to write, you never know what's going to happen. You can be the best soldier, the best G.I. Joe that there ever was, and if it's your day and the Lord says you're going to get it today, you're going to get it and there ain't a lot you can do about it."
The worst day was the day his commander relayed the horrific news about his local interpreter.
"He said his hands were handcuffed behind him and tied. He had been shot in the head ,and he said I'm sure the Taliban had found him and learned what he was doing for us," said Sarna.
With the war behind him, his new goal is to encourage others to let the vets know that they are truly home.
"You know if you have a local veteran that's in your neighborhood, maybe he might be wounded,  you know invite the guy for a beer, have him watch the Packer game. You know, leave the military aspect out of it and treat him like you would any other friend."